New skirts!

I finished grading earlier this week, and desperately needed something to do that wasn’t like being a professor. Also, it got HOT and I want more summer-friendly clothes without hard waistbands. So I cut out three more Cleo Skirts, and sewed two of them!

New Cleo Skirt!

The pink one is the first one I sewed; it’s the same fabric as the first Cleo skirt I sewed, Andover’s Kaleidoscope Plaid, but this time in “Magenta” rather than “Lichen”.

New Cleo Skirt!

I love how both of the skirts from the Kaleidoscope fabric just GLOW!

New Cleo Skirt!

I made a totally dumb mistake sewing this one, and ended up sewing the back with the wrong-side out, and didn’t realize it until after I’d finished the side seams, so that was a LOT of unpicking, but lesson learned – I quadruple checked before I sewed together the next skirt!

New Cleo Skirt!
(Yes, my hair is getting quite long – it hasn’t been cut since the beginning of October when our local COVID rates started climbing! The braids don’t stay in well, but it was SO hot yesterday that I needed my hair off my neck no matter how messy/weird it looked!)

The other skirt is from Nani Iro Double Gauze, which feels AMAZING but was a bit trickier to sew with (it just kind of…wiggled around more). I saw this print when I was browsing through Etsy and fell in love with it – when I tried it on yesterday, my daughter told me it looked like I was wearing stars!

New Cleo Skirt!

I was really happy with the way I was able to achieve the “fadeout” look towards the bottom. That was the image I had in my mind when I got this fabric, and I’m just tickled that I was able to make it real!

New Cleo Skirt!

The remaining skirt that I cut hasn’t been sewn yet, because I’m figuring out what to do. The fabric is Kaufman’s Dot Chambray, and it’s pretty thin – it kind of seems like it might be a little TOO thin to wear without some kind of lining, but I don’t actually know how to line a skirt. And maybe it would be fine without – I mean, I wouldn’t want to make it heavy, you know? So we’ll see when I end up sewing that one. I have a bunch of other sewing plans brewing: I want to make dresses, overalls, pants…so I’m going to be working on building up my sewing skills.

I haven’t forgotten about knitting, but I’ll let that be its own post sometime soon.

2 thoughts on “New skirts!”

  1. I suppose it depends on exactly *how* light it is, but if it’s opaque enough to only show anything if you’re backlit, I give you the response my mom gave to someone who once very concernedly told her that backlight was showing leg silhouettes: “You mean, people might find out my legs go all the way up?”

    Also, I find my hair stays in braids better if I two-stage the braids. Not a French braid, but I start with the top section, and then add in the rest when the braid is down to about ear level. In case that’s at all useful, because getting hair up off the neck is definitely a necessity when it’s hot and sticky!

  2. The skirts look fantastic. Wonderful pattern matching!
    I’m always torn between wanting light flowy skirts and worrying people can see my underwear. I’m a new seamstress also, but if you cut your front and back skirt pieces from a light lining material, you can sandwich it into the waistband when you attach the skirt to it. Just put the seams from joining the lining front to back against the outer skirt. And hem the lining a little shorter so it doesn’t hang out the bottom. ☺️

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