Comfort knitting

I’m almost to the end of the grading for this semester, and what I’ve needed more than anything is comfort knitting. For me, that’s typically plain stockinette in the round. Which is what led me to cast on for a project I got a kit for something like 2 years ago: Marie Wallin’s “Bressay” design in Jamieson’s Shetland Spindrift.

What I'm making: Bressay yoke sweater from Marie Wallin's "Shetland" book

This is my first time ever knitting with Shetland wool, and I’m finding it absolutely delightful to knit with! I’m pretty sure that this is the finest gauge sweater I’ve ever attempted (Ravelston’s gauge is just a tiny bit bigger), but that’s fine with me; it’s so lovely to just keep knitting round and round in this yarn. It feels good in my hands, and it creates such a beautiful, cohesive fabric. I’m really into this heathered plummy purple!

Shetland Spindrift is delightful!

We traveled down to Naples, NY yesterday to visit Fruition Seeds and pick up some seedlings, and the drive gave me lots of time to knit. So far I’ve knit 2 full balls of Spindrift, and I’m excited about the prospect of reaching the colorwork section; hopefully by that point, I’ll be in a place where I can actually pay attention to colorwork patterning, which is definitely NOT where I am right now.

I haven’t completely forgotten about Elle Melle, though – it’s a pretty good “comfort knit”, too, because even though it’s not just plain stockinette in the round, the ridge pattern is really easy and enjoyable to knit, and I don’t have to pay TOO much attention because it’s really obvious just from looking at the knitting what I need to be doing. I do have to pay a BIT more attention now, though, because I’ve reached the point where I split for the fronts and backs.

To the armhole divide on Elle Melle

It feels a little weird to have multiple projects in the works: my embroidered flower sweater just needs a bit more embroidery, I’ve got an almost-completed sock on a set of broken needles, I’ve got Elle Melle and now Bressay. And of course I still have several projects in various states of disarray from last summer and earlier this year: my messed-up Water Bearer Cardigan, the sleeves that need to be reknit on my kangaroo-pocket pullover, and Bleideag, which either needs to have the body ripped out and reknit from the top down, or to just be ripped out and reknit entirely. That’s plenty to keep me busy this summer, I think, though I make no promises that my squirrel brain won’t be drawn towards something else. Whatever it is, though, it needs to be from stash!

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