Magenta Wardie is finished!

Much like the first Wardie I made, the seaming on this sweater nearly broke me, but the end result is worth it!

Project Details:
Pattern: Wardie, from Ysolda Teague
Yarn: Rauma Finullgarn in color 4886, 7 skeins
Needles: Size 3 and Size 5
Time to knit: About 2 months

I knew what to expect this time around, since it was my second time knitting it, and as frustrating as I find seaming, I’m already contemplating a 3rd Wardie, maybe in a dark blue? We’ll see!

Finished Wardie number 2

I just love this design so much. It’s pretty gender neutral, and very much like what I think of as a typical “professor cardigan”, so I love that I now have one in bright magenta! Something about me really likes the combination of a slightly “boyish” cardigan with a bright, “feminine” color. And the pockets!!

Finished Wardie number 2!

The cable decreases in the English-tailoring at the shoulders just make me so happy. They just look really neat.

Wardie shoulder detail.

I was debating between the darker burgundy buttons that I eventually chose and some brighter sparkly pink ones; my daughter lobbied hard for sparkly pink, but then realized that if I didn’t use them in my own cardigan, she could perhaps have her own sweater with the sparkly pink buttons. So that’s now being plotted! (We’re thinking it’s going to be a dark red garter-rib cardigan, like the ones I used to knit her in blue.)

Wardie number 2, unbuttoned.

Speaking of my daughter, I got her to help me take some photos of Wardie out in the snow! The weather has finally turned to typical Winter here, and it turns out that snow is much more delightful when you don’t have to drive anywhere.

Wardie in the snow.

I love bright colors in the wintertime! (As might be obvious from the fact that my snowpants are bright green!)

Wardie in the snow.

We even got a photo with the hat I knit without blogging (a Daniel’s Hat, also from Ysolda Teague, using a random skein of Madtosh Farm Twist that got accidentally included with the yarn for my Gridlines sweater).

Wardie Cardigan (plus Daniel's Hat) in the snow

Pretty pleased with my first sweater of 2021, and a bit tickled to discover that not only are my first two knits of 2021 (the hat and the sweater) both Ysolda Teague patterns, so too is the sweater I’ve picked back up from last Fall to finish next (a Bleideag pullover). I guess Ysolda’s designs just suit me, eh?

On Monday, Spring semester starts, and I have no idea what to expect in terms of how much time I’ll have for knitting. My teaching schedule is different from any I’ve had before, plus it’s still all online, so it’ll be a learning curve. I’m pretty anxious about the fact that we don’t have a Spring Break this year, which means I’m staring ahead at 15 straight weeks of hard work without any breaks, when I’m already feeling pretty incredibly burnt out from all of 2020. (And, to be honest, the end of 2019 – let’s not forget that I was brutally ill with pneumonia then!) Just 15 more weeks. I can make it through 15 more weeks, right?

Wardie in the snow!

Deep breaths! Virtual hugs to everyone!

3 thoughts on “Magenta Wardie is finished!”

  1. These colours are so uplifting! Especially together. A real psychological boost when spirits are generally low. No more black, grey, white or lazy red dominating our winters -yay!! Beautifully knitted as well. 💜💚💖

  2. I will never ever understand the predominance of black and other dark, sombre colours for winter gear. Everything’s dark and dreary enough — why add to it? Eff that. I want my winter boots, coat, hat, scarf, and mittens to be as bright as possible! So I am 100% on board with a bright pink cardi!

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