The grey cardigan is finished!

I’m drowning in end-of-semester paper feedback (still have 14 10-15 page research papers to give feedback on before Tuesday!) and just complete and utter burnout after what is without a doubt the hardest semester of teaching I have ever done, but I do have some knitting updates to share. I finished my grey cardigan!

Project Details:
Pattern: I used Åsa Tricosa’s “Ziggurat” technique, but with my own numbers, shaping, and nupp-based design elements
Yarn: Beaverslide Dry Goods 2-ply Worsted in “Woodsmoke”; this yarn has been in my stash for a LONG time. I used all 4 skeins; I had considered adding pockets but I don’t think there’s enough left over!
Needles: Size 8s
Time to knit: Almost exactly one month, though there were a lot of false starts that got ripped out prior to that.

I’ve had a vision of a cardigan with “chains” of nupps hanging down from a deep-veck for quite awhile, and I’m really delighted that I was able to turn it into a real sweater! I ended up cobbling together my numbers by reading several different Ziggurat patterns (Jadeite, Aranaranja, and Sweet Laurel), none of which perfectly matched my gauge in the Beaverslide yarn, and adapting from there.

Closeup of nupp details at neckline
[Those nupps just bloom so gorgeously in the Beaverslide yarn!]

I ended up using the slipped-stitch/garter “button-band” pattern from Jadeite not just for the button-band, but also at the bottom hem and cuffs, as a knit-on bind-off. It took a couple of tries to get the ratio right at the bottom hem – it turned out that I needed to just knit the band together with each stitch, without any decreases, for it to be loose enough not to pull in. But at the wrists, I ended up knitting 3 together (two sleeve stitches with one cuff band stitch) every 5th stitch to get a cuff that pulled in ever so slightly.

The grey cardigan is finished!

For the buttonholes themselves, I ended up inventing my own method; on the first (RS) row, I did a triple yarnover before the central garter stitch, and then knit that garter stitch together with its neighbor from the slip-stitch column. Then on the next (WS) row, I slipped the first yarn-over wrap along with its neighbor, knit the second one, and slipped the third one along with its neighbor. And on the final row, I knit those yarn-overs together with their neighbor stitches in the slip-stitch columns. (I swear this makes sense in my head!). This created a nice looking buttonhole that didn’t disrupt the look of the band at all.

Back nupp detail

At the back neck, I did the same nupp-and-eyelet motif as I used in my Sullivan design, just top-down instead of bottom-up, and I think it looks really lovely. I’ve always liked having some sort of little detail on the back of my sweaters!

I’ve also got a few other little knitted projects to share, because knitting is how I cope when I’m drowning in work; without it, I would have utterly lost my mind by this point (though perhaps it’s debatable whether I have lost it anyway – this semester has just been so unrelentingly hard). But I’ll save those for another post so that my new grey cardigan can get the spotlight all to itself!

The grey cardigan is finished!

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