Ravelston is finished!

Well, there sure is a lot going on right now in the world, and everyday life is completely and utterly overwhelming, too, but look, I finished a sweater!

Ravelston is finished!
(Photo credit goes to my daughter!)

Here are the details!

Pattern: Ravelston, from Ysolda Teague
Yarn: Hillesvåg Sølje in Dongeriblå
Needles: Sizes 2 and 3
Time to knit: a little over 2 months

I’m really, really thrilled with how it turned out. The color still makes my heart sing – this luminous blue that shifts into grey that first caught my attention on one of the models in the pattern. (It didn’t hurt that the model was also stunning!)

Ravelston is finished!

The pattern is incredibly well-written, and the shaping details are so thoughtful – it starts with more waist decreases at the back than the front, and then the waist/bust increases move more of the fabric to the front. Just brilliant, at least for the way my body is shaped!

Ravelston, side view!
(Photo credit goes to my daughter!)

And the fit around the shoulders is fantastic, too!

Ravelston is finished!

I really loved the way the top-down set-in sleeve shaping was worked (even though the lack of symmetry meant that I accidentally knit a second left sleeve instead of knitting the right sleeve, and didn’t notice until I’d already knit half of the sleeve!). They just fit so nicely!

Ravelston is finished!

I made one slight modification to the pattern, and that was to knit a split hem in 1×1 rib, rather than the split folded hem or the straight 1×1 rib hem. I really like the way it turned out!

Ravelston is finished!
(Photo credit goes to my daughter!)

Didn’t my daughter do a nice job helping me with photography? She’s getting SO big!

Me and my photography assistant :)

I hope everyone is hanging in there, and finding little moments of joy wherever you can.

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