Isn’t it good, Norwegian WOOL

Right now I have not one, but TWO projects on the needles using wool from the Norwegian mill, Hillesvåg: one is in the fingering-weight Sølje, and the other in the DK-weight Tinde. Longtime readers of my blog will know my love for “wooly” yarns; I’ve got nothing against the super smooth soft yarns, but my heart goes to the yarns with a bit of toothiness, and these Hillesvåg yarns definitely fit that bill!

Ravelston progress.

The first of these projects has already been shown on the blog: it’s a Ravelston pullover, in Sølje in the color “Lys dongeriblå”. I’m almost finished with the left front, and so far, the fit is perfect.

Getting silly with Ravelston

I even purled a row while trying it on, because why not?

The second project is Jacqueline Cieslak’s “Water Bearer” cardigan, which I’m knitting in Tinde in “Turkis”.

Water Bearer Cardigan in progress

What I love about the Hillesvåg yarns, which are made from Norwegian Pelsull, is the way that the colors just GLOW. I don’t think the camera does them justice. Between the luster of the fiber itself, and the fact that the fiber being overdyed is grey rather than white, the end result is a luminous, almost color-shifting quality in natural light.

Beginning of Water Bearer

It’s just gorgeous! The construction of Water Bearer is really interesting; it starts with the back of that gorgeous brioche-stitch shawl collar, and then the back shoulder stitches are cast on from there.

Trying on two in-progress sweaters at once.

It’s been great to get back to brioche, which I kind of fell in love with last summer while making the Paris’s Brioche Scarf! I think this is going to be a beautiful cardigan.


Apparently I can’t help myself when it comes to brioche – I have to take a picture using it as a “brioche-stash” :)

The start of Fall semester is only 1.5 weeks away, and I’ve still got quite a bit to do get my classes ready for online teaching…and then to figure out how to balance that with my daughter’s remote-learning, too, once that starts. I don’t know what to expect in terms of knitting progress…there’s definitely a lot less time, but I *need* to keep my hands busy more and can do so on the parts that are more “mindless” even while taking part in meetings, so maybe it’ll all even out. In any case, whenever I get a chance to knit, I’ll be enjoying the feeling of this delightfully wooly, luminous Norwegian Wool.


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