Honeydew is finished!

Thanks to a kind stranger on Ravelry sending me her leftovers of the Oceanwindknits BFL, I was able to make full-length sleeves on my Honeydew, and I’m thrilled with it!

Honeydew is finished! Hooray!

Ravelry Project Page (warning: I’ve reverted to “Classic” view because the new design is painful to the point of being unusable for me; please don’t feel like you need to click on the link to go see my project there if Ravelry isn’t safe for you!)
Pattern: Honeydew, from Laine 8
Yarn: Oceanwindknits BFL in “Seabreeze” and Knitpicks Aloft in “Iceberg”
Needles: Size 4, 6, 7, 8
Time to knit: a couple of months (but with a long break between mostly finishing and actually getting full-length sleeves)

I love the way this icy blue yarns just glow in the sunlight!


I’m still quite charmed with the centered double decrease that’s used to join the front and back the shoulder. It just looks really neat!


As you can tell, even with the extra yarn that was sent to me, I decided not to lengthen the turtleneck (it’s a much longer cowl in the pattern). I just prefer this closer-fitting turtleneck to a drapey cowl, and I think it looks “right” this way.


I should mention that my 8.5 year old daughter was my photographer for these finished sweater photos. She did a great job! She thought we should take some pictures with Frank, our beloved front-yard maple tree (what, you don’t name your trees?). Here, I’m holding Frank’s “nose”:


I’m really happy with the fit; I was a bit worried, prior to blocking, about how snug the drop-sleeves felt, and they still *are* a bit snug, but blocking relaxed the stitches a bit and everything just drapes more nicely now. And the length is perfect!


It was a bit windy outside, but no amount of wind would make it a temperature where a mohair-blend sweater is actually seasonal right now! It’ll be really lovely to wear come winter, though.


Hooray for Honeydew! I also “finished” the kangaroo-pocketed yoked pullover this week, but…well, I’ll save that for another post so that Honeydew can have this one all to itself!


So soft, so pretty!


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