My next project: Honeydew!

I promised a separate post about my next sweater, so here you go! The next project on my needles is…

Newest project: Honeydew

…Honeydew, the cover pattern from Laine 8. When I saw the pictures of this in the magazine, I couldn’t get out of my head how beautiful it would look in an icy blue color. And then I remembered that I had 3 skeins of Oceanwind Knits BFL sock yarn in an icy blue in my deep stash, and all I would need would be some mohair to pair it with. Knitpicks brought out a new color in their “Aloft” mohair/silk yarn called “Iceberg”, so I got enough of it to pair with the BFL yarn. I’m thinking this will be my rule: no new yarn purchases unless it’s something that will help me turn the yarn I already have into specific patterns.

Yarns for Honeydew

The mohair/silk blend is so soft and fluffy!

So soft!

We had one day last weekend that was actually warm, so I cast on and knit the bottom hem outside!!

It’s so nice out!!

And I’ve knit a few rows on it each evening, and also during Zoom meetings whenever I’m not the one presenting or taking notes, so now I’ve got a few repeats of the twisted-stitch honeycomb pattern:

Honeydew progress

The pattern repeat is pretty easy to memorize/read from the knitting, so I’ve been able to make good progress without having to constantly refer to the pattern.

So soft!

And it’s just so soft! I think this is going to be a delightfully warm and fluffy sweater to wear in the winter next year.

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