Wardie is finished!

Well, my intention to post weekly updates on how we’re doing during this pandemic kind of fell apart after week 3. We’re now two months in; it’s been that long since I’ve left my house to do anything other than walk around the neighborhood, and I haven’t even done that much of that, because we’ve had so much cold, wet weather and my lungs get grouchy in those conditions ever since my bout with pneumonia at the end of 2019. (Yes, I’ve wondered whether that was actually COVID, but the serological tests are not reliable enough yet to really tell us, and the timing suggests otherwise.) It’s actually SNOWING today. I woke up with my brain singing “I’m so sick of being cold, being cold, being cold” to the tune of “Mary had a little lamb” yesterday. 2020 is breaking me.

BUT! I have been knitting. And in fact, I have a finished sweater to show off! But first, I wanted to share how hilariously weird Wardie looks when you’re working on the sleeves:

Wardie sure looks weird at this stage!

I actually finished the knitting last week, but with the way Wardie is constructed, well, there was still Some Assembly Required:

Some assembly required

My husband said my get-up last weekend reminded him of the newest Doctor Who – I definitely won’t complain about being compared to Jodie Whittaker!

Some assembly required

The seaming went fairly smoothly (the garter stitch selvedges helped!) though I do have a terrible crick in my neck from holding it too close to my face while trying to correctly sew through both layers of the pocket when attaching the button-band.

Sewing on buttonsSewing on the last button!

Anyhow, this is supposed to be a finished project posts, so how about the details and finished photos?

Ravelry Project Page
Pattern: Wardie, by Ysolda Teague
Yarn: Bartlettyarns Sport in Oatmeal
Needles: Size 3 and Size 5
Time to knit: Just under 2 months

I ended up kind of channeling Ysolda’s look from the original Wardie pattern photos with my overalls today! (Overalls have become my preferred pandemic pants – I love not having a waistband And the pockets!)

Finished Wardie!

The fit came out quite nice, and I love the way Bartlettyarns blooms – but I do think it’s a bit less drapey than it would’ve been had I knit it in Finull like the pattern calls for. It’s delightfully sheepy! And the pockets are fantastic! Definitely big enough to actually stick your hands in.

Finished Wardie!

My favorite detail has to be the cabled decreases at the back shoulder. They’re just so pretty!

Finished Wardie (with snow) Yes, that IS snow in my hair.

I also really love the split hems.

Finished Wardie - side view

The sleeves came out pretty snug, and I think that’s because my gauge ended up contracting a bit the further we got into this whole physical distancing thing (gee, stress = tighter gauge, who would’ve guessed!). They’re very comfy, though. Just takes some maneuvering to get my long-sleeve-shirted arm down the sleeve without bunching things up.

Finished Wardie!

I just love the overall look of the cardigan – the fitted, but fairly gender-neutral look just really suits me. I can see wearing Wardie with just about everything, because the neutral color will look fantastic with all of the bright jewel tones that I tend to wear!

I’ve already cast on for my next sweater, too, but I’ll save that for a separate post.


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