social distancing: week 3 report

This is just so, so hard. I don’t want to neglect my kid, and she needs me to help her with her school work, but I’m also struggling to keep up with creating new online materials for 4 different classes and giving feedback to my students and I’m also tryi
Trying to revise a paper. It’s…hard.

Well, I think week 3 (which in terms of my own isolation, is actually week 4, since I worked from home during my university’s Spring Break) is where I crack a bit. This week was just SO MUCH harder than the first two; trying to balance teaching my classes with “homeschooling” my kid, while also trying to hold on to some semblance of the activities that keep me feeling whole (violin, knitting, exercise), missing my colleagues, and pretty much never, ever getting to be by myself or hold a thought in my mind without being interrupted…it’s just a lot. But it’s not going to change any time soon, so I just have to figure out how to adapt to it. This week was also a lot more rainy, and I think that didn’t help things.

I did get a fair amount of knitting done this week – having something to do with my hands is pretty critical for my sanity, I think, so if nothing else, I’m going to end up with some good knitwear out of this. I finished the entire right front of my Wardie Cardigan! It doesn’t look like much…it curls up on itself so much in this unblocked, unseamed state:

First cardigan front, finished!

The pocket will get closed on the side when seaming happens, but for now, it’s just a little tunnel:


I even had a bit of time yesterday to work on starting the pocket for the left front piece of the cardigan:

Second pocket, in progress!

I was working on this while watching an episode of Fruity Knitting. Usually, when a new episode comes out, I wait until I have a day when I can work from home so that I can watch it without “bothering” the rest of my family. But since we are ALL home for the foreseeable future, I’ve tried to stop worrying about watching things that only I want to watch. It turns out, M is actually pretty interested in the episodes, too (though I can’t pay as close attention to them with my dear little Interruption Engine next to me!), and yesterday, she actually got out her own knitting to join me:

Andrew snapped a picture of us knitting together!

It’s not quite the peaceful alone time that I used to have each time I watched an episode, but it was lovely in its own way. I’m really glad that knitting is something I can share with my kid. And maybe by the end of all this, she’ll have finished her first project!


1 thought on “social distancing: week 3 report”

  1. I find it fascinating how everyone’s experience of this whole thing has its own unique wrinkles. Like, I love to be alone, but I can’t wrap my brain around what this must be like for those who actually live alone — especially the ones who don’t even have pets! For me, it’s strange to be so isolated, but never totally alone, because I do live with someone else — fortunately, someone I like an awful lot, and we have a big enough house that we can still have some space, but it’s not proper alone time. I can only imagine that’s, like, exponentially true when there are kids involved.

    It does seem to make for more knitting time, though, even on top of continuing full-time work, so thank goodness for that!

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