it’s finished!!


I finished Tric earlier in the week, as I expected to, and was able to get it blocked and dry in time to take some photos tonight before the sun got too low in the sky! Here it is:

Finished Tric!

Ravelry Project Page
Pattern: Tric, by Åsa Tricosa
Yarn: Cascade 220 Superwash, repurposed from a baby blanket I never finished
Needles: Size 6s (for stockinette and twisted rib/lace), size 3s (for garter)
Time to knit: about 4 weeks

Here’s the lovely back triangle detail: Finished Tric (back view)

I deviated somewhat from the pattern – my “faux seam” stitch is reverse stockinette, rather than garter, and I also did the same thing down the center of the sleeve:

All done!

I didn’t do the triangle detail that’s called for on the sleeves, either, because (as mentioned in my previous post) I didn’t think I would like having bell-shaped sleeves. Loose flappy material around my wrists just really annoys me, even though I think the shape looks neat on others!

All finished with Tric!

I also haven’t added a button; the buttonhole blends into the twisted rib/lace collar, and I rather like how it looks as a completely open cardigan, but I haven’t totally decided yet whether I’ll keep it button-less or not.

Finished Tric!

I really love this bright green color, and I know it’s going to go with a lot of things in my wardrobe. I might even wear it with a dress tomorrow – no, it’s not actually all that cold here yet, but I have advisor training on campus, and the room they hold the training in is always FREEZING, so it’s best to come prepared with wool!

Very happy with this new sweater!

I learned so much from this project!

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