it’s nearly the end…


…of both my Tric cardigan, and of my summer break. I literally just have a cuff to knit on Tric:

Almost done with the knitting!

I may even finish it this afternoon, and then I can weave in the ends and block it. I’ve really enjoyed knitting this sweater, and learned a lot from this new Ziggurat top-down construction technique from Åsa Tricosa, though as you might be able to tell from the photo, I didn’t actually follow the pattern for the sleeves. The pattern calls for knitting another triangle panel like the one at the back of the sweater, and for sort of bell-shaped sleeves. Knowing myself, bell-shaped sleeves would drive me absolutely batty; I just really don’t like sleeves that flap around. So I calculated my own decrease rate for the sleeve, and added a garter cuff (mirroring the garter at the hem of the body of the sweater):

So close!

As for my summer break: starting tomorrow, I’ll be working on campus just about every day. No more days at home, knitting while listening to podcasts and then practicing my violin for as long as I want to. There’s a lot of prep to do in order to be ready for Fall Semester, plus I’m involved in research projects and advising, and I need to be ready to teach my first mindfulness class, too…it’s all good stuff, but the transition is always a little tough. I’m reminding myself that there will still be time for knitting, and for practicing violin…there just won’t be as much. And there will be time for the things I didn’t do as much of this summer as I’d hoped, too: the embroidery, and the sewing. My husband helped me set up my sewing table with my new sewing machine last weekend, and I just need to get a power strip to plug it in and then I’ll be ready to sew! Just in time to not have much time, alas, but there’s no rush. Projects will keep. And all projects, big or small, get done one step at a time. I don’t have to stop learning new things just because summer is coming to a close, though I do need to be careful not to overload myself, because once the semester gets rolling, my schedule is really more than full-time.

Goodbye, summer break!

Good-bye, Summer!

Wish me luck finding balance this year?

2 thoughts on “it’s nearly the end…

  1. Good luck finding balance this year. But really, you have a pretty balanced outlook now. I’m sorry to hear about your physical challenges.

    I’m actually envious of your flat chest, my boobs get in the way an annoying amount of the time. If at some point they have to be removed, I will do it without regret (although I wouldn’t go as far as volunteering for the procedure without it being medically necessary).

    • Yeah, I’m quite happy with my flat chest, and I never really wanted much in the way of boobs; I could’ve done without the brutal teasing/harassment, but of course, it’s not like *having* bigger boobs is a recipe for avoiding harassment, either! (Ugh!)

      It *is* quite nice to not have to worry about them getting in the way (and when I briefly had B cups during the early months of breastfeeding my daughter, I was more annoyed by them than anything, so clearly I have a low tolerance, ha!)


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