Tric’ing right along, after a hiccup

So, I ended up ripping out what I’d knit so far of Tric because I wasn’t happy with how the picked-up stitches were looking; the pattern calls for you to edge the right collar with slipped stitches and the left collar with garter stitch, and that just…looked weird, once I’d picked up the stitches. Perhaps Åsa’s method of picking up stitches is different from mine, but the logic behind the different edging wasn’t explained in the pattern, so I just ripped things out and did a garter stitch edge on BOTH sides of the collar, and was much, much happier with how things looked.

Tric looks funny on the needles!
Of course, the neckline is laying a little weird in this photo, but trust me, it looks nice in person.

Why yes, it does look a bit strange on the needles…in fact, my husband joked that it looked like I was knitting some weird sort of bra, and I can’t say he’s wrong about that!

My husband joked that it looked like I was knitting some sort of weird bra!
Not actually a bra! (And much bigger than I’d need, ha!)

It’s really neat to be creating something three-dimensional on a single needle like this, and the way that the sleeve caps and set-in sleeves are created, with a slipped-stitch “faux seam” edge, is really very cool.

Sleeve cap!

I think the fit is looking good so far, too!

Sleeve cap!

I don’t have a long enough circular needle to really try it on properly at the moment; sometime I’ll need to add an extension to the cord on this one and really get a sense of how it will sit, but I’m pretty optimistic about it!

Tric, so far
It’s kind of like a superhero cape at the moment :)

So far, I’m having a lot of fun knitting this, and am still learning a lot. I’m *loving* the “Helpful Chart” section of the pattern, which lays out the sleeve shaping, neck-shaping, and body-shaping directions in a really intuitive row-by-row way. What a brilliant idea! Still plenty more knitting to go before I finish the sleeve shaping, but I bet it won’t take me too long!

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