two-color brioche + double-knitting = fun!

I ripped out my first attempt at Paris’s Brioche Scarf and restarted on size 4 needles, and that turned out to be the right call…I’m delighted with the fabric that I’m getting now!

Light-side of Paris's Brioche Scarf
Light Side!

The combination of two-color brioche and double-knitting is blowing my mind in the best way!

Dark Side of Paris's Brioche Scarf
Dark Side!

I really feel like I’ve already kind of “leveled up” my ability to read my knitting…I’m getting the hang of telling when I should be brioching, and when I should be double-knitting, and I can feel things clicking into place in my brain as I develop a better understanding of the geometry of it all.

Both Sides!

And I’m just absolutely smitten with the two-sidedness of it – I think I might like the dark side a bit more than the light side, but both look great, and I’m having a lot of fun!

Briochestash :)
Briochestash! :)

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