sleeve the first: complete!

I promised a post about sweater progress, so here I present to you: a sleeve!

I have very long arms.
I have very long arms; I’m just under 5’4 but have the armspan of someone who’s 5’9

I finished the first sleeve on my Farmhouse Cardigan a couple of days after we got back home from our trip to Wisconsin. It was nice to get back to the larger projects again!

Sleeve number 1, complete!
Yeah, I was totally stabbing myself in the boob with that dpn. Whoops.

I always have to knit at least an inch or two longer than patterns call for because of my disproportionately long arms, but at this gauge (4sts/inch), that really doesn’t take very long at all. Stockinette-in-the-round is great for mindlessly knitting while watching a TV show or listening to a podcast; my new two-color brioche + double-knit scarf definitely requires more attention than that!

So anyway, there’s where I am with the Farmhouse Cardigan – finished with sleeve number one, and about to cast on for sleeve number two. Hooray!

Sleeve number 1: complete!
I’m really pleased with the fit on this sleeve – it’s close-fitting but not tight.

I’m hoping that by next week, I’ll have the second sleeve finished and can knit on the yoke – maybe I’ll have a new sweater before the end of the month!

2 thoughts on “sleeve the first: complete!”

  1. Looking good and very cozy! You left WI just in time — it has been hot as blazes and sooo humid. I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog lately — both the project posts and the knitting adjacent talk. Thank you!

    1. Yeah, we’ve been getting quite a bit of heat and humidity in Western NY, too – we’re actually under a heat advisory for this weekend because the heat index is supposed to be up near 110!! (Thank goodness for air-conditioning, I guess!)

      And thank you! I’m so glad you’re enjoying it. I guess by now people know I’m not someone who “just sticks to her knitting” so maybe I’m scaring a few folks away, but I’m fine with that :)



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