It’s a pocket!!! (It’s not actually crooked, I just spread my fingers out kind of weirdly when I snapped the photo.)


So, it turns out that I got so excited about my double-knit pockets that I couldn’t stop working on them and I actually finished them today!! I thought I’d make another post about what I did, in case it’s useful to anyone else who wants to try to modify the Farmhouse Cardigan in this way. I made another video, though this one is not so well in-focus as the ones I made yesterday, because it is a super rainy day and I also think my shiny shirt was distracting the camera’s autofocus (whoops!). But here it is:

To sum up what I did: the pattern calls for several rows of garter stitch at the top of the pocket front, so I switched from garter rib on the front pocket stitches to garter stitch for the last 7 rows. On the final wrong-side row, I switched the back stitches to garter rib, rather than stockinette, so that they’d be ready to join in with the body stitches in the garter rib pattern.

Pocket back - last row was in garter rib


On the final row of the pocket, I did one final bit of double knitting, purling the front stitches (to create the final garter ridge) and slipping the back stitches. Then I separated the front and back, slipping the back stitches onto the lefthand working needle, and the front stitches onto a 1-size-larger DPN. Next, I picked up a stitch from the leg of the stitch neighboring the pocket and did a short 3-stitch knitted cast-on to create stitches for an i-cord bindoff, and I did the i-cord bindoff all the way across the front stitches. To finish (this part isn’t in the video, sorry!), I knit the i-cord stitches together with the first back stitch before continuing across the back stitches to complete the row.

Finishing the pocket


It turned out great!

I made a pocket!

I’m so pleased that my little experiment worked, and looking forward to finishing the rest of the cardigan!


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