updates from a chilly early June

It’s a raglan!

Figured out the raglan instructions

I figured out how to make the sleeve actually come out as a raglan – I think the issue might be that the pattern just says “turn” but really means something like “wrap and turn” (which would use the next stitch; otherwise, unless I’m completely misreading things, you’re always decreasing across the gap and then immediately turning, which is how you make a saddle shoulder, not how you make a raglan). ANYWAY, look at this lovely raglan!


And yes, I am in fact wearing a Lopi sweater in these photos, taken yesterday…we’ve had a strangely chilly June!

Strangely chilly June...

I was a chaperone on a field trip for my daughter’s class, and since I was going to be outside and wearing a backpack, I wanted something warm and hard-wearing, so Skógafjall it was! (The green color was also a selling-point, since my daughter’s class was instructed to wear green!)

Progress on Little Wave

Along with M’s Elle Melle, I’m also making progress on my green Bartlettyarns Little Wave sweater. I’m usually a monogamous knitter, so it’s odd for me to switch back and forth between two sweaters, but the plain stockinette of the Elle Melle is just right for knitting while we watch an episode of Good Omens each evening, whereas the slightly more complicated stitch pattern of the Little Wave is great for knitting while listening to podcasts.

yardage worries...

I find myself a bit concerned about yardage. What I’ve knit so far represents a full skein of the Bartlettyarns (I’m at the center of the waist shaping section). I thought that I had 7 skeins of it, but I can only find 6, which puts me slightly under the yarn requirements listed in the pattern. I think I came in under yardage with my first Little Wave, but that was knit in Cascade 220, which is a very different yarn in terms of spin/structure, and I’m just not sure whether I can expect the same from this yarn. My tentative plan is to forgo the folded-back cuffs on the sleeves; I’ll still knit a deep ribbed cuff, but I won’t knit the extra sleeve length so that it can be folded back. I do like the look of the folded-back cuffs, but I actually find them REALLY annoying to wear under a coat or jacket, because taking the jacket off often unfolds the cuffs and that gets old. So it’s a change both for yarn-saving and for less annoyance, I guess…we’ll see if I can make it look good. I’ve still got a ways to go before I’m ready for sleeves, anyhow!

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