so much grafting, so much seaming!

I made great progress on the knitting of Vita de Vie in the last week, which meant that it was time for grafting the two halves of the sweater together, straight up the center of the front and the center of the back.

Pretty pleased with my grafting!

I actually kind of enjoy grafting, but I’ve never grafted such long stretches of stitches before, and never in such a prominent location (the center front??!). This took a LOT of fussing around with each grafted stitch to ensure that the tension was just right…

The Vita de Vie pattern requires grafting two sweater-halves together up the front and back. I do like grafting, but gosh, getting the tension even so there’s no visible line is TEDIOUS!

…which led to eye strain, so I had to take quite a few breaks. But I think I did a pretty darned good job of it in the end.

Then, it was time for some incredibly long seams – up the sleeves and down the sides, on each half of the sweater. I managed to get ONE of those sleeves seamed last night, but oh my goodness, seaming is definitely not one of my favorite things to do.

so much seaming!

My curiosity about the manner in which this sweater is constructed has been fully sated at this point, and I’m ready to return to my beloved seamless knits! But I still have three seams to finish, and then a long ribbed hem, and some kind of neckline finish (I’m leaning towards using an i-cord rather than picking up and then immediately binding off the way the pattern calls for).

But I need to decide soon what my next project will be, because we’re heading to Ohio next weekend to spend Memorial Day with my husband’s family, and that means I need a sweater project to bring with me for all that time in the car, etc. I do have the Elle Melle that I started for M, but since that yarn is on cones, it’s kind of awkward to carry around with me. I’m tempted to start a new sweater for me, but which one? I have quite a queue of possible sweaters from yarns in my stash and I don’t know where to start!

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