it’s a Baa-ble hat!

Finished (but unblocked) Baa-ble hat!

It hasn’t been blocked yet, but the Baa-ble hat that I mentioned in my last post is now finished!

Ravelry Project Page
Pattern: Baa-ble Hat
Yarn: Scraps of Brooklyn Tweed Shelter in “Faded Quilt”, “Sap”, and “Fossil”, as well as an unknown but similar-weight dark grey-blue yarn (for the legs/faces)
Needles: size 6 (for ribbing) and 7 (for the rest)
Time to knit: less than a week!

I ended up deciding against making a pompom – I do like the way it looks in the pattern, but the practical side of me knows that I’ll wear a hat more without a pompom; on cold days, I like to put the hood of my coat up over my hat, and with a big pompom, that doesn’t work so well.

sheep hat!

I ended up doing what I always do when I’ve gone on a big cast-on spree: I get fixated on one of the projects and end up finishing it before I do much of any knitting on the other things I cast on. I can’t help it, I’m pretty solidly a “one project at a time” knitter, but I do like taking advantage of a quiet, kid-free day to cast several projects on at once, because that tends (for me) to be the easiest thing to screw up when I’m being frequently interrupted!

sheepy hat!
(I like the way the “Sap” colorway goes with my eyes!)

I just couldn’t get enough of those sheep – once I got to the feet, I just had to keep knitting to see what the sheep looked like, and then once I got to the sky, it was so close to being finished I didn’t see the point in waiting! I absolutely love the way the colors of the yarns look together, and knitting with Shelter is a joy. I’m a crunchy woolen-spun yarn lover through and through.

And now I have a sheepy hat!


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