a finished hat, and a bunch of new stuff!

M's new hat.

I finished M’s ribbed hat today! I decided to give it an extra little special detail, and stitched M’s initials onto a little strip of fleece that I then stitched onto the folded brim. My sewing wasn’t as neat as I’d hoped…and I’d briefly entertained the idea of stitching the initials through both sides (since M has awesome initials that are the same upside-down as rightside-up!) but that turned out to be trickier than I could manage. Maybe with more hand-sewing practice!

M's new hat.

It was really hard to capture the color of the yarn with my camera – the color is “Shy Girl” from Madelinetosh and it’s a combination of mostly red with some pink and then little flashes of greenish yellow and blue. M loves it!

top of M's hat.

I also finished the knitting of the Octopus Yoke cardigan, and it’s just waiting for me to finish weaving in the ends and block it before steeking it open. And then I have to find a zipper and sew it in. It’ll happen, I promise!

But in the meantime, I did a little bit of stash-reorganizing, and in the process, acquired a case of “startitis”, and cast on for new projects. Here is one of them:

a new Elle Melle for M

The pattern should be familiar by now, given that I’ve already knit two (one for younger M, and one for me): it’s Elle Melle! I found the two cones of Harrisville Shetland that I’d bought a couple of years ago (when M first outgrew her old Elle Melle) and couldn’t resist the urge to cast on. I just find the ridges so irresistible to knit!

Another project I cast on for is Vita de Vie, for me:

Vita de Vie, for me!

The construction of the pattern is a new one for me – you knit up the sleeves, then cast on to knit the body sideways, and end up kitchenering the two halves together up the middle. I’m a little nervous about whether it’s going to work out, not so much because of the construction, but because of the yarn I’m using: it’s Beaverslide Sport/Sock yarn, in “Lemongrass”, but one of the skeins got mangled by one of our cats, so is now in several small balls, and I realized after I’d cast on using one of those small balls that the mangled skein is actually a noticeably different dyelot than the other two skeins I have.

Slightly contrasting cuff

So I used it for the cuff and then switched to the dyelot I have more of; I’ll do the same thing at the cuff of the other sleeve, and for the ribbing at the bottom, too. I’m just a little paranoid that two skeins of the Sport/Sock won’t be enough to do the whole rest of the body, but we shall see – if I can finish the first half with one skein, then I’ll know I’m good! If not…I’ll just have to rip it out. We’ll see!

I actually cast on for a third new project (I wasn’t kidding about the “startitis”!): the “Baa-ble Hat”, in various colors of Shelter that I had single skeins of in my stash, but I didn’t get a picture of it. It’s just an inch or so of 2×2 ribbing at the moment, so not exactly thrilling to look at, anyway.

I’ll close with one more picture of my adorable child, who is very happy with her new hat:

happy toothless girl

The semester is almost over, so maybe I’ll actually be able to make good progress on these new projects, eh?

1 thought on “a finished hat, and a bunch of new stuff!”

  1. So cute. :) You’re lucky that your kiddo likes wearing the things you make! We live in SoCal, and the one of our four who is the most easy and satisfying to knit for— the kindergartener, because he’s so much smaller— runs warm and won’t wear anything I make except cotton pants. :)

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