things i knit for me: stripey pocketed sweater!

Finished sweater, all blocked!

Ok, yeah, this sweater TOTALLY needs a better name. I’m still not 100% I’m going to write a pattern for this (maybe I’ll write a post about my complicated feelings about trying to publish patterns for my designs). If I do, does anyone want to help me come up with a name?

Project Details:
Ravelry Project Page
Pattern: my own, inspired by a sweater I designed for M
Yarn: De Rerum Natura Ulysse in “Ciel” and “Lagon”
Needles: Size 5 (for stockinette), size 2 (for garter)
Time to Knit: about 3 months (with a LOT of reknitting in the mix)

I was so excited that my sweater had dried after blocking and the sun was still up this evening, so I tried to take some pictures outside. It was, however, INCREDIBLY windy, so it turned out to be pretty tricky to get good photos!

windy evening for photos!

Y’all, I was already pretty madly in love with the De Rerum Natura Ulysse yarn before, but post-blocking? It’s freaking magical. So unbelievably soft and the fabric is almost felt-like in that way that only woolen-spun yarns can create.

This sweater is SO SOFT post-blocking

I tried to take some detail shots of the sweater, but the harsh sunlight and limited options for balancing my camera made it pretty tricky. Here’s my attempt at capturing the split hem:

Odd-angle photo

Eventually, this sweetheart came outside and asked if she could help:

my awesome photo-helper

She got one good photo of the sweater outside before we gave up:

My daughter took this photo

Then we went inside and took more pictures in our usual spot – the glass door leading out to the deck lets in really nice natural light for photos, so though the cluttered table/etc background isn’t the best, it really is a great spot for sweater pictures!

modeling the blocked sweater

I’m just so stupendously happy with how this sweater turned out!

Sweater back.

The fit is just PERFECT and I think I’m going to end up wearing this sweater a lot. I’m already planning to wear it to work tomorrow – my students will be entertained to see me wearing the sweater that they saw me knitting during their peer feedback workshops earlier in the semester!

Yay, sweater!

Next on the docket for finishing: M’s octopus cardigan, which has been waiting for me to join the yoke for over a month!

1 thought on “things i knit for me: stripey pocketed sweater!”

  1. This came out lovely! How about calling it Lagoon Ripple, because of the colors, and the stripes and the purl ridges on the pockets? I double checked, and there’s no sweater by that name in Rav, only a shawlette from Drops from 10 years ago.

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