i did it!!

I knit all evening, and during church this morning, and during my meeting this afternoon, but look, I finished my sweater!

All done!

I can’t say I enjoyed having to knit FOUR sleeves for this sweater, but I’m really pleased with the fit I got in the end.

Two finished sleeves that are actually the same size!

I also found myself wishing I’d woven in ends as I went, because it took me almost another hour to finish that job after I’d finished the knitting!

So many ends!

I’m not sure why I’m always so surprised when a sweater I designed fits the way I intended it to – that’s what all of the math and measuring is for, after all – but in any case, I’m pretty delighted with how the fit turned out.

From the back.

I still need to block the sweater, of course, but I’m calling it finished for now – just in time to qualify for the Ysolda Sweater KAL deadline of “end of March”! I’m not sure I’ve ever successfully completed a knitalong before, and I of course took it right down to the wire on this one, but I did it!

All done!

I’ll make a new post about it with all of the details once I’ve had a chance to block it and take somewhat nicer photos, ideally outdoors instead of with my camera perched on a shelf in our dining room. It’s overcast and snowing today, but I think we’ll have nice outdoor weather soon enough. Hooray!


1 thought on “i did it!!”

  1. It looks great, but also, I love that you knit during church— so do I, and my kids are slightly mortified. :)

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