sleeve number two (again)

I finished sleeve number one (again) a couple of days ago, and have been making decent progress on sleeve number two (again):

Knitting sleeve number two (again)

This time, I checked my stitch count THREE TIMES before I started knitting down from the sleeve cap on the second sleeve, so here’s hoping that it’s smooth sailing from here on out! I really want to be finished with this sweater! I was hoping to be finished by the end of the month (because of the Ysolda Sweater KAL) but seeing as that’s tomorrow, well…that’s probably not in the cards. Alas.

Working on sleeve number two (again)

I’m pleased with the way the reknit first sleeve turned out – the contrast garter stitch cuff edged in contrasting i-cord just looks really nice. Of course, it’ll all look much nicer once all the dangling ends are woven in and it’s blocked.

I’m bummed that I almost certainly won’t be able to finish it for the knitalong, but I’ll get my sweater in the end…just gotta keep powering through!

sleeve number two (again)

(Of course, I’ll be finishing it just in time for it to not be sweater-weather anymore – as evidenced by my bare arms, Spring is definitely on its way!)

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