picking back up where i left off

I haven’t really had much time at all to knit since getting back from the conference – with a stack of midpoint portfolios to grade, extra workshops to run, a couple of concerts to perform in, and a whole lot of sleep debt, knitting just hasn’t really been in the cards this week. But today, I’m picking back up where I left off…with the first of the two sleeves I have to reknit:

Still working on the first sleeve reknit :(

I really want this sweater to just be FINISHED, and it’s kind of demoralizing to have been so close and then put myself so far back with a stupid mistake. But c’est la vie.

I got a kick out of this M-photobomb!

I realized while I was taking pictures that I never actually mentioned the OTHER project that I knit while I was away at the conference. See, I was pretty sure I’d finish the cowl before it was time to head home, and my hands like to be busy, so I packed an extra skein of sock yarn and my size 2 16″ circulars with plans to knit M a ribbed hat in her favorite colors:

M's hat-in-progress.

This hat kept me company in the hospital (my friend returned to work today, by the way, and it was so good to see her!) and on the drive home. It also ended up being, along with the still-in-progress Octopus Yoke Cardigan, the “Something to Wear” part of M’s Equinox gifts. I mean, they’ll be wearable eventually!

Being silly.
Being silly – a plain 2×2 ribbed tube isn’t that interesting to photograph!

Now that the sweater is a pretty unwieldy size, the hat is my “take along to work in case I need something to keep my hands busy” project. Which means that the sweater will be worked on in the evenings at home. I’m hoping to finish sleeve number 1 tonight, but we’ll see – I’m still pretty darned exhausted, so I may just go to bed early.

Reknitting these sleeves is kinda demoralizing :(

Happy (belated) Equinox, everyone!

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