made it.

Sure enough, I was able to finish my yellow Willow Cowl before the end of the CCCC 2019 conference, which meant I could snap a picture of myself wearing it with Pittsburgh’s matching bridges in the background!

Yellow Cowl: complete! (With nicely matching bridge in the background - thanks for having yellow bridges, Pittsburgh!)

My Wednesday workshop presentation went great. Made a bunch of great new connections with the folks in the Cognition & Writing group, and had a blast meeting back up with my fellow language/grammar nerds at the Language, Linguistics, and Writing group. My research group’s Friday presentation went really well, and that’s the day I finished my cowl, too. And then…well, the conference didn’t end the way I’d hoped, and I spent the remaining time helping a dear friend through a medical crisis, dealing with a whole lot of logistical complications that resulted, not eating enough food, getting basically no sleep, and getting a lot more practice speaking Mandarin than I ever expected to. It was definitely not a sure thing that I’d make back home in time to actually wear my cowl for its intended purpose, the ukulele performance at church this morning. But…I made it.

Yellow Cowl, Ukulele, and very very tired lady.
Yellow Cowl, Ukulele, and very very tired lady.

I got home really late last night, and have been so exhausted (both from lack of sleep and stress) today that I’m feeling a bit dazed, but when I woke up this morning, what I most wanted was to go and celebrate the Equinox by making music with my friends, so that’s what I did. I was almost falling over by the end of the second service, but I desperately needed the distraction from the constant worrying about my friend, who is still in the hospital in Pittsburgh.

The yellow cowl served its purpose!

Right now, I’m feeling incredibly grateful. For my colleagues in the writing program here, who are just the most amazing people in the world and I’m so lucky to get to work with them. And for my church, which is also full of amazing people who gave me the hugs and listening ears that I needed today. And we danced around like bees and celebrated the coming of spring and everything is still a mess and I have a crazy amount of work (and sleep, and food) to catch up on but I made it through the day and I’ll make it through tomorrow, too.


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