I have pockets!

Almost done with the body!

Yesterday, I went to an all-day silent meditation retreat (as part of training that I’m doing to become a mindfulness educator at my university) and while I didn’t knit at all during the retreat, I had about 45 minutes each way as the passenger in a car, so I was able to knit nearly all of the bottom hem of my stripey sweater! With a bit more time this afternoon working on the i-cord bindoff on the front hem, I now have the entire body of the sweater off the needles!

Ta-da! The body's off the needles!

It’s a little hard to see in this photo (the lighting was so much better this morning than this afternoon, alas!), but the back hem is a bit longer than the front – I split them, and did an extra stripe repeat on the back before beginning the garter band. Then I bound off with an i-cord in the lighter color, kitchenering the ends of the i-cord together so that it’s one continuous cord. I’m pretty pleased with this!

Now that the body is finished, the next step will be knitting the sleeves. I’m not sure when I’ll get a chance to start that – the pick-up/short-row business is pretty attention-intensive, and I’ve got one more incredibly busy week ahead of me before my schedule shifts back to just “normal” levels of busy (which is still pretty busy). But maybe I’ll try to give it a go tonight. For now, I’ll just delight in my pockets!


Now it’s time to grade some assignments and prep some classes for next week. Much less fun than knitting sleeves!

2 thoughts on “I have pockets!”

  1. I just cast off the body of my sweater, too! I love the stripes on yours, and am very impressed by your pockets; that’s not something I’ve had the fortitude to take on yet.

  2. Hello, I just found your site on Ravelry. I am looking for the Bea Ellis Skier hat pattern, any chance you may have it or know where I may find it ?
    Tx for any help
    Joan R.

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