Goodbye, 2018! Hello, 2019!

2018 was an incredibly busy and challenging year on the life front – new school for M, new house for our family, new job for my husband, and of course still dealing with all of the fallout from the things that lead to all of that! But I also seem to have gotten a bit of my knitting mojo back, and completed quite a few projects! I thought it’d be fun to look back at them. It was funny, putting this together – 2018 was such a blur that while I didn’t exactly forget that I’d knit these things (that’d be hard to do, since I wear most of them regularly!), I had definitely forgotten that the stuff from early in the year was actually knit in 2018!

According to Ravelry, I completed 12 projects in 2018: 5 sweaters for me, 1 sweater for M, 1 sweater for a friend’s baby, 1 hat, and 4 Willow Cowls!

The first project of 2018 was M’s Octopus Yoke pullover, which is so well-loved that it is already receiving a companion in the form of the Octopus Yoke cardigan that I’m currently knitting:

Octopus Yoke with M as model

My next sweater was Winter Traveler, which I modified quite a bit from the original pattern – a smaller gauge, a closer fit, a doubled ribbed neckline, and 1×1 ribbing everywhere ribbing was called for:

All finished: Winter Traveler (the first, since M was so darned cute in mine that I’m knitting a second one for her!)

I also started, but did not finish, a matching one for M, because mine was so cute on her. I kind of burnt out on intarsia making mine, though, so hers has been sitting in a bag, partially knit, for the last several months. Maybe I’ll get back to it soon.

Over the course of the next several months, I knit a series of FOUR Willow cowls, and got up to some silly hijinks with my full set of Willows!

So many Willow Cowls!

(It’s really hard to believe that I knit all of those cowls in the last 1.5 years – they’ve become a consistent part of my cooler-weather wardrobe, and there’s hardly ever a day that goes by where I’m not wearing one!)

My third sweater was Gamaldags, and it has turned out to be a sweater that I wear very often – those bright colors just make me so happy! And they match so much of what I already tend to wear, too.


My fourth sweater was Perfin, and while I didn’t enjoy seaming it, I do quite enjoy wearing it! The style is right up my alley, and looks nice and professorial (which, seeing as I *am* a professor, works out quite well). The color also goes nicely with many colors that I already wear a lot.


My next sweater was Tensho, which I cardiganized (and again added a folded rib neckline, because I just love them so much!). I still haven’t put buttons on this one, but I’m calling it finished anyway!

With the mug that inspired me

Along with Tensho, I knit a yoked sweater that was much, much smaller – a non-wool version of babyStripes! for a dear friend’s baby!

babyStripes! plus lingthusiasm onesie

I also knit a hat! Specifically, the Asterisk Hat from the Asterisk/Dot Hat+Cowl kit that I got from Mason-Dixon Knitting. I made a giant pompom for it, which delights me :)


And my final sweater was a bit of a cheat, considering that most of it was knit 2 years ago…my me-sized Elle Melle! I’m really delighted with how it turned out, and quite proud of myself for persevering and figuring out how to put in that zipper.

Hooray for Elle Melle!

That’s a pretty nice set of finished knits for the year! And I didn’t JUST knit, either – I also learned how to embroider and completed a sampler:

Finished Sampler!

And I learned how to play ukulele, too! Not only that, but I joined an orchestra for the first time since M was born, and it has been an absolute joy (though a bit of a schedule-crunch) to be making music with other people again!

Playing a G chord

And I designed and hand-sewed a weighted kitty for my daughter’s sensory needs – she was QUITE delighted with the finished product, and I would be happy to never hand-sew with minky ever again ;)

Happy kiddo with her weighted kitty.

It was a pretty productive year, and I learned a lot of new things, too! For 2019, I hope to continue my efforts to knit down my stash, and on that front, I’ve been both toying with some new designs, and fussing around with my queue on Ravelry, trying to match yarns to existing patterns. And as I mentioned earlier, I really do want to actually get some of my designs out into the world as patterns.

On the non-knitting front, I’m hoping to settle more fully into this wonderful house that we get to call our own – we still need to (lightly) renovate the kitchen, put a new sink in the upstairs bathroom, and just generally finish finding/creating homes for things that are still in boxes since our move last February. Starting in two weeks, I’m going to be teaching a new class on Cognition and Writing, which has been a dream of mine ever since I was a graduate student trying to figure out what I wanted to do with my life, and later in the year, I’m also going to be training as a Koru mindfulness teacher, which is something I’m pretty excited about, too. We’ve gotten ourselves into a much better place than we were in at the start of 2018, and I’m so grateful for everything. I expect 2019 will be full of its own challenges, but I’m hopeful that I can face them with grace. Happy 2019, everyone!

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