a sweater made of holes!

Well, I definitely don’t enjoy seaming, like, AT ALL, but I’m stubborn, and as a result, I have a finished sweater!


Ravelry Project Page
Pattern: Perfin, from pompom magazine’s Issue 24
Yarn: Knitpicks Telemark in “Tidepool Heather”, from deep stash
Needles: Size 6
Time to knit: A little over 2 months

Perfin, buttoned up!

So yeah, seaming. Not a fan. I definitely remember now why it’s been over a decade since I knit a sweater in pieces. I’ve read all of the arguments for why seams are great, and I’m sure that there are situations where a seamed garment is preferable, but for the kinds of sweaters I prefer to wear, and the gauges I tend to prefer, etc etc…I really don’t think there’s any benefit, and if anything, I prefer the feel of a sweater that doesn’t have a tough, bulky ridge on the inside seams (yes, even mattress stitch results in a ridge on the inside that I kind of can’t stand). I am very much a pro-seamless person. Seaming this puppy together took me part of yesterday and all of this morning! I think it turned out ok, though even after reading up on seaming yesterday, I still kinda felt like I didn’t know what I was doing. I was also cursing my lengthy arms yet another time over – I had to add 2 inches to the length of the sleeves from what the pattern said to do to get the right length for my orangutan-arms, and those extra two inches felt like two feet when I was doing the sleeve seams.

Perfin, unbuttoned

But I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out. It’s definitely a style that suits me, and of course, a color that suits me, too!

sweater made of holes!

It kinda gives me a kick to think about the fact that my sweater is essentially made out of holes, but those double yarnovers do give it a really neat texture.

pleated back (not quite in focus, alas)

It is (unsurprisingly) difficult to get an in-focus photo of your own upper back using a self-timer and a camera perched in such a way that you have to crouch/squat to be in the frame, so the above photo is the best I could get of that cute pleat at the upper back. Just trust me, it looks neat.


So, now I’m one sweater down towards my goal of turning my ridiculously big yarn stash into sweaters. Perfin represents ~1400 yards of yarn out of my stash. I think in a bit I’ll cast on for my next sweater, which is going to be Tensho, except I’m going to make it a cardigan using steeks. Hooray for knitting something seamless in the round! (I’m probably a crazy person for thinking that steeking is less stressful than seaming, but it’s definitely true for me!)


2 thoughts on “a sweater made of holes!”

  1. That’s gorgeous, and it fits perfectly! I’m one of those weirdos that likes seaming, but I can understand why people don’t.

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