finished back!

I finished the back of my Perfin cardigan this morning! It took quite a bit of concentration (and ripping and reknitting) to follow the directions for the box pleat and shoulder shaping; I’m really not used to magazine pattern-writing style, and it strikes me that in order to understand what a pattern is telling you to do, you almost have to think like the designer, and since I’m not a person who ever designs patterns for things knit in pieces, I already kind of fundamentally think in a different way. But of course that’s how it is – knitting patterns are just another form of communication, and this issue of “how do *I* describe something in a way that *you* will understand, and how do *you* understand what *I* meant?” is the fundamental challenge of communication. (And also something I wrote a dissertation about, ha!)

Anyway, how about I stop nerding out and just show a picture of that box pleat?

Box pleat!<

I’m really enjoying the texture of the stitch pattern, and I’m loving the color of this old stash yarn so much (thanks, 24 year old me!) – it’s got a little bit more of a greenish tint to it than fully shows up in the photos, and it’s definitely a very “me” color.

Perfin texture

We’re only a little over a week away from heading up to Wisconsin to visit my family, and I’m pretty sure I won’t be bringing any sweaters-in-progress on that trip just for practical packing reasons, so we’ll see how much more of this sweater I can knit before then! I plan to cast on for one of the fronts this afternoon.

Accidental self-timer shot

I’m really not used to knitting a sweater in pieces, and it feels really weird to just have a back of a sweater. I’m slightly dreading the process of seaming everything together, but even if it’s not something I’ll do very often, it’s a useful skill to practice, so bring it on!


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