go, Gamaldags, go!

I’m making great progress on Gamaldags. It was so fun to realize that there was a little band of colorwork at the wrist, because I am just so very eager to get to those bright colors in the yoke of the sweater, and this gave me a little taste.

Gamaldags sleeve + Spring

I feel like this sweater, in this colorway, is the most perfect thing to be knitting as we emerge from the greys of Winter into the bright colors of Spring!

My daughter loves these colors, too. She caught me knitting on a sleeve while she played in our backyard, and excitedly asked, “Is this for me, mama?”

Maddy asked if this was for her.

Nope, kiddo, this sweater is MINE, ALL MINE!

Showing off my sleeve (and my scrawny arm!)

It turns out she doesn’t like the way Lopi feels (“too scratchy!”), so I won’t have to risk her stealing this one from me, but it does make me think she might like a grey + bright colors sweater of her own someday, in a softer yarn. We’ll see. Speaking of possible future sweaters, I looked down at my bag while preparing to take progress photos today, and noticed that the yarns match my notions bag:

I looked down at my bag while getting ready to take progress photos for Gamaldags (onto sleeve number 2!) and realized that the yarns match my notions bag, and now I wanna use whatever’s leftover after Gamaldags to knit a sweater with brown as the main co

Now I’m wanting to use whatever’s leftover after Gamaldags to knit a sweater with brown as the main color and these three as contrast colors. We’ll see if that ever happens!

I’ve now knit the entire body, plus one sleeve, plus about half of the other sleeve, so I’m getting close to that delightful yoke!

Gamaldags Progress

I’ve done a lot of this knitting while listening to podcasts, which is something I don’t get a lot of time for during the semester. I really enjoy Ezra Klein’s podcast, but with his episodes regularly hitting nearly 90 minutes, it’s really hard to find the time! But now that the semester’s done, if I want to take a 90 minute break from course prep or whatever and sit and knit and listen, I can do that, and it is WONDERFUL.

I’ve been physically crashing a bit since the end of the semester – just utterly crushing fatigue, which I think I’m finally really feeling now that I don’t have to be “on” for my students. (I still have to be “on” for my kid, but at least there’s only one of her!) This year has been A LOT, and I’m feeling every ounce of it now, so getting some downtime to just knit and rest a bit is exactly what I need. I hope you all are getting what you need, too, dear readers!

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