things i make WITH maddy: knitting needles!

Maddy and I did a special project today while daddy was over at Old House, taking advantage of the weather FINALLY cooperating enough to do the remaining exterior painting that the bank is requiring before our buyers can actually buy it.

This was our project for the afternoon (while A went over to Old House to do a bit more exterior painting now that the weather is cooperating!)

Melanie Falick’s “Kids Knitting” book is the one I learned to knit from when I was a kid, and I passed my copy down to M. She recently pulled it off her bookshelf, and we read some of it together, and she decided that we should make ourselves some knitting needles just like the ones in the book, so we got the supplies (fimo clay and 3/16″ dowels) yesterday so that we’d be ready to make them today!

Rolling the FIMO clay.
Rolling the fimo clay

Big balls and tiny balls, ready to make some knitting-needle ends!
Big balls and tiny balls, ready to be rolled together

Ready to bake!
Read to bake!

After baking

Her space-shuttle pencil sharpener helped us make the needle tips.
Sharpening the tips (with her space shuttle pencil sharpener!)

Sanding them smooth.
Sanding them smooth (we oiled them after this, too)

All finished! (We oiled the dowels after sharpening and sanding them, and then glued the polka-dot ends onto them!)
All finished!

Maddy says the ones with the blue base are mine!
Maddy told me that the blue-based ones were mine!

I haven’t sized them with my needle gauge, but they look like they’re somewhere around size 7 or size 8. I don’t know if I’ll ever knit with these (I’m not much of a “knitting on straights” person, period) but it was a fun afternoon project with my kiddo!

(P.S. I also finished weaving in the ends on Winter Traveler this afternoon, so expect a post about that soon!)

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