I went to a conference and came home with a cowl

Well, I didn’t get much work-work done while I was away at my conference, but I did do a lot of knitting. (Turns out that I get motion sick enough on planes that I can’t read papers, and get brain-fried enough from 3 straight days filled with workshops and presentations and meeting awesome people that knitting is about ALL I could manage!)

So here, I present: My CCCC 2018 Cowl!

Finished Willow Cowl #3

Ravelry Project Page
Pattern: Willow Cowl
Yarn: Mystery deep blue sock yarn – it came in a GMDS package awhile back, that much I know, but I lost the label so I don’t know anything more about it!
Needles: Size 5 rosewood circulars (these have become my “Willow Cowl Needles”)
Time to knit: 5 days!

I cast on while on the flight to the conference, and then ended up knitting during several sessions (stopping to take notes when I wanted/needed to, but I tend to be an “absorb with my ears and then process later” sort of person for the most part):

Knitting during a panel presentation.

I made a new knitting friend – one of my fellow presenters for the workshop I was part of is also a knitter so we became Ravelry buddies during the conference!

Showing off the construction

I just adore how this cowl looks, and I find it so fascinating the way the long tube folds on itself with those eyelet mesh bands.

From above

I stepped out on our deck to take Real Camera pictures of the cowl today – we have a deck! It’s so lovely! I’m still getting used to New House, but it’s a really great house…we just have to get Old House sold now, and keep unpacking. It’s no fun at all to be in the middle of a move while also in the middle of a very busy semester, but hopefully I can keep on hanging on and not deprive my students TOO much.

Snuggled up

I hope all of my fellow Northern folks are staying warm while we wait for Spring to actually arrive! Have a lovely Equinox this week, everyone!

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