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things I make for Maddy: Octopus Yoke!

Hi! I’m back from the other side of our move with a finished project!

Octopus Yoke closeup!

Not finished by the end of January like I planned (moving is hard, it turns out!) but at least while it’s still chilly enough for a sweater to be useful. And it’s a good thing, because due to a combination of tighter-than-swatch gauge (hi, moving stress!) and bigger-than-measured kiddo (hi, growth spurt!) the sweater is a bit on the snug side. But it fits for now, and it looks adorable on her.

Project Details:
Ravelry Project Page
Pattern: From my brain!
Yarn: Cascade 220 from stash
Needles: Size 7
Time to knit: About 2 months, total (and there was a move in the middle of that!)

Octopus Yoke, full length

This kiddo has a LONG torso! (Just like her daddy.) I swear, the body of her sweater is only about an inch shorter than I knit for my own sweaters. She is going to tower over me by the time she’s 10, I think!

Octopus Yoke, over the shoulder

I love the way the contrast tips of the ribbing turned out – that detail was a request that M made, and she’s got good design sense!

Octopus Yoke, back view

Here it is from the back. Trying to get those mirrored octopuses was a bit of a brain-twister, design-wise, and I had to add those “bubbles” because the float situation was just too crazy otherwise. I think that the top two tentacles could be a little more distinct – they kind of blur together when they get close to the mantle in a weird way. Ah well, it looks pretty darned good, and M is delighted with it, so we’ll call it a win!

I’ll close with this shot of my little model! Isn’t she lovely?

Octopus Yoke with M as model


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