newest sweater-in-progress: octopus yoke!


My newest project on the needles is another design collaboration with M. After I finished my Skógafjall, with its lovely tree-adorned yoke, she requested a yoked sweater with HER favorite thing on the yoke: Octopuses! Well, mama loves a good design challenge, so it’s happening:

I cast on for M’s Octopus sweater yesterday!

I used Google Sheets to chart out a respectably realistic-looking octopus, and I went stash-diving with M to find the yarn. She was surprisingly cooperative about using only yarn that I already had, but I think it helped that I had a pair of great shades of purple (her second favorite color, after red) Cascade 220 in the right amounts:

Future Octopus sweater for M. So glad she’s on board with the “only knitting from stash” plan, and lucky that I had such a perfect combo of purples in my stash!

I used the lighter color to create a contrast tubular cast-on at the bottom hem as well as the sleeve cuffs – I just love the way this looks!

I used the contrast color for the tubular cast on and I just love the way it looks!

I’ve actually already finished the body and one of the sleeves, so who knows, maybe I’ll be able to start the yoke sometime this week! I suspect there will be a bit of trial and error when it comes to getting everything to fit correctly in the yoke (both fitting it to M’s shoulders AND fitting the octopuses in a way that looks nice) but I think I’ll have this sweater finished before the end of January!