Finished just in time for the end of 2017!


Ravelry Project Page
Pattern: Skógafjall, by Dianna Walla
Yarn: Lettlopi, in the colors the pattern called for
Needles: Size 6 for ribbing, size 7 for everything else
Time to Knit: I started it ~6 months ago, but I knit like, half of it while home by myself over Christmas!

I’m SO delighted with how my Skógafjall sweater turned out! I deviated only slightly from the pattern – I followed the directions for the 39″ size, but my gauge was just a bit tighter (I prefer knitting Lettlopi on size 6 or 7 needles rather than 8s), so it turned out more like a 36.5″ sweater, which is perfect for me. And I modified the neckline, knitting the ribbing twice as long so that I could fold it over and stitch it down for a doubled collar, and I *LOVE* it!

Doubled ribbed neckline

I am just madly in love with the tree pattern in the yoke…I love trees!


It’s pretty unusual for me to so closely follow a pattern, even using the recommended yarn in the recommended colors – I actually can’t think of any other time I’ve done that! And while I’m incredibly happy with the finished result, it does feel slightly less…”mine”…than other sweaters I’ve knit. I was reading Dan Ariely’s “The Upside of Irrational” while home by myself over Christmas, and one of the things he was writing about was what he called the “IKEA-effect”, by which he means the way that we overvalue the things that we make ourselves. And I think for me, what makes a sweater feel “mine” in the sense that I take pride in it, and don’t feel awkward when someone compliments me on it (and maybe “overvalue it” in the way that Ariely talks about), is that I designed it myself, or did something especially unexpected with a design that someone else created. I think I don’t take any special pride in the knitting itself (which is probably silly of me – it is, in fact, a skill!) but in the aspects that (to my mind) are more “creative”: designing, and to a lesser extent, modifying or choosing a color palette. I suppose I do value my own handknit sweaters, even one like this one where I pretty much exactly followed the pattern, over sweaters that aren’t made by me – I wouldn’t want to buy a sweater like Skógafjall, I’d want to knit it myself. But there’s something extra-special about the ones I design myself, and perhaps that’s as it should be.


I’m gonna wear the heck out of this one, though! My last finished knit of 2017. Here’s to many more in 2018!


4 thoughts on “Skógafjall!”

  1. Oh my gooooooods those trees though. This is a lovely pattern, and — while I completely understand your complex feelings of [non-]ownership (which are very familiar from my own feelings about recipes — I think you can be rightfully proud of the craftsmanship you displayed in rendering it. It’s beautifully done. Enjoy!

  2. Well done, you!

    Skógafjall’s on my list of For Me knits this year, but omg I have so many things ahead of it in the queue! Okay, and I can’t decide which colors to use, so there’s that…

    I don’t think you can “overvalue” this one. It’s well made, it fits perfectly, and it looks gorgeous.

    Enjoy it and be proud of it!

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