Double-knit earflaps!

So, nearly 8 years ago, I knit a hat for my dad. He wore it in ski races, and got lots of compliments, and then it went missing one winter, only to be found in a snowbank. Once it had dried, it was clear that the winter in the snowbank had caused it to shrink a bit, and it no longer covered my dad’s ears. But picking up and knitting down from the brim would have been complicated – there’s a cotton-based lining at the bottom hem, and I didn’t have (or at least, couldn’t find) the leftover yarn from the hat kit, anyway.

The solution we came up with? I would learn how to double-knit, and add earflaps to the hat. Maddy helped us find color-matching yarn at Yarnology when we were visiting my parents this summer (she has an amazingly good eye for color!); it’s Spud & Chloe Sweater, so a bit thicker than the sport weight yarn with which the rest of the hat was knit, but extra warm earflaps are definitely not a problem!

Our plan worked!

Yay, finished earflaps! (Also, it was raining ice pellets while I took these pictures, and I can attest that this hat provides great protection from gross weather!)

I’ve never done double-knitting before, and it definitely hurt my brain at first to keep track of both sides at the same time, but I got better and better at it as I went, and I ended up being pretty tickled with the little chart I’d created for those flaps.

I finished the earflaps for my dad’s hat (which shrunk after a winter I’m a snowbank, hence the need for better ear-coverage). My first time double-knitting!

I added braids to the end of each ear flap (to match the braids at the top of the hat) so that it can be tied under the chin. Perfect for keeping cold air out during a ski race! It was raining ice pellets while I took these pictures, and I can attest that the hat, with its new earflaps, is good at keeping out yucky weather.

I’d intended for the improved hat to be a Christmas present for my dad, but, well, life got in the way, and while it IS in fact done before Christmas, it won’t be going into the mail until next week. It can be a New Years present, instead. Happy Holidays, dad!


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