Halloween, 2017

So, remember how I posted about our Halloween plans back in the beginning of September? It took a lot of work, but I made them real!

Maddy as “Peg(+Cat)” and me as “Peg’s Mom”
M as Peg(+Cat) and me as “Peg’s Mom”

M’s green “Peg” cardigan turned out perfectly! It’s technically still not quite a finished object, because I haven’t sewn in flannel pocket linings, so the “side pockets” are really just slits:

It fits! (Still gotta make pocket linings, of course!)

Both the pocket openings and the front openings were created with steeks, which I’m getting more confident about doing!

Ready for steeking!
All ready for steeking!

I’m finding I have a strong preference for knitting the button bands before cutting the steek opening (I did this for my Fiddlehead Yoke cardigan, too) – I’m just less nervous about somehow making things unravel while picking up stitches when I do it before cutting.

Snip snip.
Snip Snip!

I used 1×1 rib for this buttonband, and bound off with a 2-stitch i-cord, which created a beautiful, firm, same-on-both-sides finish. I edged the pocket openings in i-cord, too, before I cut them open:

The pockets open up now! Still gotta sew in fabric pockets though.

Cat was more of a challenge – I’ve never actually created a stuffed animal like this before, but somehow it all worked out! I started out by looking at a picture of Cat and drawing it much larger on some of M’s easel paper:

Working on a pattern for Cat.

I totally surprised myself with how well I was able to capture Cat’s shape and features! Then, it was time to actually use my drawing as a pattern, and cut out shapes from blue and grey fleece – two identical body pieces (for front and back) and two identical tail pieces (to make a 3D tail). I stitched on the grey parts (eyes, mouth, and tail spots) by hand before sewing any of the body or tail pieces together:

Stitching the spot onto Cat’s tail at LEGO club storytime.
Stitching at the library

But my plans for sewing everything together with my sewing machine were thwarted by the fact that my machine just sucks (and I also don’t really know much about how to use it, but I do know how to read a manual and I just could NOT make it work without jamming constantly and breaking the thread!). So…handsewing to the rescue! I sewed the entire body together by hand over a couple of evenings:

Making progress on Cat (by hand). I need better progressive lenses (my close-vision is fading hard, so I end up looking over the tops of my glasses and holding things 3” from my face which ain’t good for my neck!!)
I really need better progressive lenses!

When I had it all stuffed and finished up, I almost cried – I couldn’t believe how well it had turned out! I made a Cat! And it really looks like Cat!


Maddy was SO delighted with her Cat!

Happy Peg+Cat

She’s been carrying him everywhere with her, just like Peg would:

Peg+Cat on a walk around the neighborhood

Seriously, I still can’t believe I made a Cat that looks so much like Cat!


And a kid who looks so much like Peg! (Isn’t she adorable?? I’m really happy with how my pompom turned out for her hat, too!)

Oh, kiddo, your sweater, pompom, and Cat were a lot of work but you’re so stinking cute as Peg that it was totally worth it!

And if you want even more unbelievable cuteness, here’s a video (you’ll have to click the image to go through to Flickr) of M singing the “Peg+Cat” theme song in costume:

Singing the Peg+Cat theme song. I can’t get over the cuteness!

Peg+Cat were SO excited to go trick-or-treating with friends this evening!

Peg+Cat were SO excited about trick-or-treating!

I’d call Halloween 2017 a huge success! But I’m definitely a crazy person for committing to a costume that involved a handknit sweater, a pompom, and a hand-stitched, self-designed Cat…though the awesome thing is that every single piece of her costume is something she can wear or play with again and again! M and I agreed that next year, she will take the lead on costume-making; I’ll still help her, but I won’t be a 1-woman sweatshop again!

I hope you all had a Happy Halloween this year!

1 thought on “Halloween, 2017”

  1. Hi! I love the Peg costume you made! I’m working on one for my daughter and I’m wondering where you got the leggings – they are PERFECT. It’s the only thing I’m missing, other than cat, and I might just order him on Amazon rather than make him myself :)

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