Halloween approaches…

Yes, it’s only Sept. 4, but that means that Halloween is less than 2 months away, and since we are “make it yourself” people as far as Halloween costumes go, it’s time to get cracking! This year, M’s Halloween costume plans actually involve a handknit, so it’s especially important to get an early start. The yarn arrived on Saturday, and just like her mama, M enjoyed huffing the wool fumes:

Huffing wool fumes, just like mama. (The yarn for her green "Peg+Cat" cardigan arrived. It's from Beaverslide, because I'm very predictable!)
(The yarn is Beaverslide Worsted, which is pretty much the best yarn on the planet – M’s a lucky kid!)

So, what is that green yarn for? I’m super excited about what Madrigal wants to do for Halloween this year: she wants to dress up as Peg (from Peg+Cat)! It’s not really a secret how much I love that show, and M is already so Peg-like that a costume isn’t even a big stretch. If you’re not familiar with the show, here are Peg + Cat:


As you can see, Peg wears a green cardigan over a green dress, and M wanted hers to be handknit by mama! We sketched out a design:

Planning M's Peg+Cat cardigan...I'm debating whether to add any little knitterly details (e.g. a mini cable or nupps up the center front on either side of the button band) but the inspiration sweater (Peg's, from the show) is really basic/featureless so m

It’s a really plain/basic sweater, and I’m so tempted to fancy it up a bit, but I’m trying to restrain myself. I’m knitting it in the round from the bottom up for speed, and planning to do seamless set-in sleeves (the way I’ve done on the Garter Rib cardigans in the past, for example). M wanted side-pockets lined with flannel, so I’m gonna be not just steeking the front of the cardigan open, but also steeking pocket openings as well. (I may want advice re:creating sewn flannel pockets for a knit garment, and how to attach them!)

The beginnings of the Peg(+Cat) Cardigan
1×1 rib hem, with 5 steek stitches added to the body

Pocket Steek
And 5 more steek stitches for each pocket

I’m also going to be sewing a Cat for M from blue fleece (thankfully Cat is fairly blob-shaped, so I think I can manage it!). She wants *me* to dress up, too, as Peg’s mom, which shouldn’t be too hard, since I kind of already do dress like Peg’s mom:


I don’t have a purple turtleneck tunic like the one in the picture, but I do have my purple Little Wave cardigan, and I figure that, plus a purple skirt , plus blue leggings, plus brown boots (all of which I already have), is a pretty good match! M is insistent that I make myself a necklace like Peg’s mom’s, and I’m thinking wool felt balls could do the trick.

Here’s hoping I can make everything come together before the end of October! Last week was the start of the semester for me, so I’m VERY busy again (but happy! I love my job!). And tomorrow, M goes back to school – she’ll be entering the Elementary program (basically 1st-3rd grade) at her Montessori school. Exciting but very busy times here!

Happy September, everyone!


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