it’s a cardigan!!

It's a cardigan!!

Hooray! I steeked my Fiddlehead Yoke cardigan this morning! Before steeking, I picked up and knit the button bands, because I felt more comfortable doing that with the sweater intact than with it cut open. You can kind of see the garter stitch button bands folded out to the sides as I’m preparing to cut in this photo:

Preparing to steek!

I didn’t crochet the steek or even put in a line of stitches with the sewing machine ahead of time, because Lopi is sticky yarn, and since I’d picked up and knit the button bands already, I felt like it would be secure enough. Here’s the first snip!


Look how neatly the stitches came apart…Lopi is great!

The beginning of the steek

I actually found steeking to be incredibly satisfying. Snip snip snip!


The final snip was the most satisfying of all!!

The final snip!!

The cut steek lies nice and flat – I may end up covering with with a ribbon, but I don’t see a true need to do that, so I’ll only do it if I find ribbon that I think would be super pretty on the inside.

Hooray for steeks!

Here, you can see the little “gusset” I added at the armpits, instead of simply grafting them together – it gave me a little bit more range of motion around the arm. (If the yoke were slightly looser/deeper, I probably wouldn’t have needed them, but they work great and let me have a very close, modern fit around the yoke):

Showing off my armpit

I am seriously so happy with this sweater! It still needs to have buttons sewn on, and I’ll get to that at some point (but hey, now that it’s warm outside, it’s hardly urgent that my new cardigan have buttons!).

So happy with my cardigan

A few folks have asked if I’ll write this up as a pattern and to that my answer is a firm “I don’t know!” For one thing, it’s pretty heavily inspired by someone else’s pattern (Adrian Bazilia’s “Fiddlehead Mittens“) though obviously I changed the charts to make them wedge-shaped so they aren’t actually the same. But beyond that, the chart is 31 stitches wide at the base, and that’s…kinda wide, as far as a repeating yoke pattern goes. I’m sure I could figure out a way to make the math work for multiple sizes (I figured out how to make Vahtralehed work, and that’s an even wider motif!), but I’m not sure I have the mental energy for it right now. I’ve kind of forgotten how to be a designer…but I may want to dip my toes back in the water with something simpler first (like the hat/mitten set that seriously probably just needs to be tech edited). We’ll see!