almost done!

Fiddlehead Yoke - almost there!!

Look what I almost finished while traveling over Memorial Day weekend!! With 7 hours of driving each way, and lots of time to knit while watching my daughter play with her cousin, I was able to finish the second sleeve, join everything up, and knit the entire yoke while we were away. Before I dive into that, notice how I have my keys clipped to my pants in the above picture?

Those puppies would have saved me a lot of drama yesterday morning! I had stepped outside with sweater and camera to take photos just after my husband had left to take our daughter to school and then drive into work. My plan had been to spend a relaxing morning at home and then walk into campus for the afternoon. But alas, guess what happened when I went to let myself back into the house? The knob was locked. And I hadn’t brought my keys OR my phone outside with me! I tried our neighbor-who-watches-the-cats’ house (she has a spare key), but she wasn’t home. At that point, I had about half an hour before my husband was supposed to call the tire place from his office about getting a warranty replacement for our tires, and since I didn’t know whether he’d be taking our only car in for that right away or whether he’d have to wait, I kinda needed to get to him before he set up that appointment to have any chance of being let back into my house before the end of the day. It’s about 2.5 miles from our house to campus, so that meant doing ~12min/mile pace…which is not a walking pace. I’ve not been a runner since autoimmune disease kinda took out my lower back/left sciatic nerve about a decade ago, but I managed it! (My left leg is a bit draggy now, alas.) I’m sure I looked kinda bonkers running with a camera and a sweater whose ends were trailing behind me, but what can you do? Lesson learned: never, ever leave the house without my keys, no matter how “sure” I am that I’m not locking the house behind me!

These would've saved me a lot of trouble yesterday! (Yesterday morning, I stepped outside with sweater and camera to take pictures, and locked myself out of the house...had to run to campus carrying both to get to my husband before he called the tire shop
Keys: don’t leave home without them!

ANYWAY…back to my awesome sweater!! I really couldn’t be happier with how it is turning out.

So happy with how this is turning out!

Look how gorgeous the back is!!

Fiddlehead Yoke - back view

I ended up deciding to do an i-cord neckline, partly because I was basically out of space (ribbing would’ve turned it into a mock-turtleneck!), but mostly because I’ve really loved the look of the i-cord necklines that Jennifer Steingass puts on her yoked sweaters.

Attempting to show off the i-cord collar.

My sweater ended up fitting me very closely, which is pretty much exactly what I wanted, and the only concern I have about it relates to range of motion for my arms. I haven’t kitchenered the armpits together yet:

Thinking about armpits...

I’m considering knitting a little bit of a gusset in that space, so that there isn’t pulling when I lift my arms. I think it’ll work great!

I’m a bit nervous about steeking…I’ve only steeked one sweater before, about a decade ago, but I know that Lopi is sticky wool and people steek lopapeysas ALL the time, so I’ve just gotta be brave! Then my plan is to knit garter stitch button bands with a contrast-color (the same as the neckline i-cord) bind-off. I think it’s going to be awesome!

From above

See you on the other side of the steek!


3 thoughts on “almost done!

  1. Oh my goodness, definitely always grab the keys. Glad you managed to get back in, and hey, you got an extra workout in to boot! And the sweater looks fantastic. Can’t wait to see it all done.

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