Fiddleheads: Finished!!

Loving my new mittens

Last Wednesday, while my upper-level writing students did group work, I finished the lining of Fiddlehead Mitten number two, and this Saturday I was able to take Real Camera photos of them. I could not possibly be more delighted with how they turned out!

Fiddlehead Mittens!

Ravelry Project Page
Pattern: Fiddlehead Mittens, by Adrian Bazilia
Yarn: the entirety of 1 skein of Lettlopi in “Glacier Blue Heather”, plus parts of 5 mini-skeins of Bartlettyarns Worsted from Rhinebeck 2016, plus a little over one skein of Berocco Ultra Alpaca Light in “Pea Soup” for the linings.
Needles: size 3 dpns (yes, that did make for a really brutal i-cord cast-on with the Bartlettyarns!)
Time to knit: a little more than one month

Pretty Pretty Mitten!

In all honesty, the Fiddleheads were essentially knit on a whim – I noticed my little bag of mini-skeins, thought they might be nice for a colorwork mitten, and the Fiddlehead pattern immediately sprang to mind. I wasn’t sure what to use as the background color yarn, but I really liked the look of the pattern sample that used light blue, and I thought of the Lettlopi from the Lopi Affection cardigan I started and then abandoned. The pairing worked out wonderfully!

Showing off the lining

For the lining, I did some stash diving, and found some Berocco Ultra Alpaca Light in “Pea Soup”, which didn’t exactly “match” any of the colors in the mitten, but I think it coordinated quite well…and it let me stick to my stash-busting intentions!

Standing up!

The dense knitting (Bartlettyarns on 3’s is no joke!) means that my mittens stand up on their own (and conveniently, this makes a “W”, my initial! Also, holy moly do we ever need to repaint our porch!)

Happy with my new mittens!

They are so warm and comfortable, and I just couldn’t be happier with them. True story: when my daughter saw me trying on the finished mittens, her first comment was, “mama, you should make a sweater with that pattern!”

I swear she hadn’t heard me plotting, but kiddo, I agree 100%! And the yarn is all ready, and the charts are looking good, and the math has been done, so all that remains is to find some time when I can cast on!

The Lopi for the Fiddlehead-inspired yoke sweater I'm dreaming up arrived! (The Glacier Blue is from my stash - already have a sweater's worth for the body!)
Future Fiddlehead Yoke Cardigan!

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