dreaming of yokes


Y’all might remember, way back in the day, when I was so obsessed with yoked sweaters that I started a group called “The Society for the Appreciation of Yoked Sweaters”…and then, after knitting a few such sweaters (and, um, having a kid), promptly forgot about it for awhile. But they’re back on my mind, thanks to the Fiddlehead Mittens…

This mitten has put a bee in my bonnet about making a Fiddlehead-inspired yoke sweater (draft of chart in background)


What you see in the background is an in-progress draft of a chart for a Fiddlehead-inspired yoke sweater. I’m loving the way that the bright Glacier Blue Heather lopi is setting off those more autumnal shades at the bottom of the mitten, and hoping to create a sweater with those colors in the yoke.

Almost finished with mitten number 1! (Then there's mitten no. 2, plus two linings to knit, but still, progress!)


I actually already have a sweater’s worth of Glacier Blue Lettlopi, because I had intended to use it to knit a Lopi Affection sweater. But this Fiddlehead Yoke idea just won’t let me go, and I think I’d rather use the Glacier Blue for this. I won’t have enough left of the Bartlettyarns miniskeins to use for a yoked sweater, but the colors are pretty easy to match to Lettlopi colors, and Lettlopi is nice and inexpensive. I’m slightly torn about buying it, though, because I really am trying to knit down my stash. But this idea is bordering on an obsession, so I’ll probably do it! I think I’ll make it a cardigan – my math tells me I’ll need 6 repeats of my chart for my size, and I think I’d like to center one and split it for the button band, so I’d basically have 3 across the “front” of the cardigan and 3 across the “back”.

I do have plenty of yarn for OTHER yoked sweaters hanging out in my stash, now that I think about it…I’ve got a Gamaldags kit, I could knit a Lisbon out of some leftover Cascade 220 in Aporto (MC) and Summer Sky Heather (CC), I could knit a Hiro out of some brown Cascade 220 and various leftover blues and purples, and I could probably knit an Afmaeli out of Lion Brand Fisherman Wool and various leftover skeins of Cascade 220 and Patons Classic Wool. And that’s just the colorwork yokes…I also have some Beaverslide to reknit my Vahtralehed cardigan, since the original started disintegrating from heavy wear. And I still need to finish my top-down Stripes! cardigan, which needs a second sleeve (and to have the bottom hem ripped out and redone with a tubular bind-off). And in non-yoked sweaters, there’s the Elle Melle I’m currently making for myself, as well as a me-sized version of M’s red-striped pocketed pullover in dark and light green Beaverslide sport/sock that I have in my stash.

That’s…a lot of sweaters. (Which is not a bad thing – I am ALWAYS cold in the wintertime, and I wear a handknit sweater pretty much EVERY day from October through April!)

But see what I mean when I say I really don’t need more yarn? I have at least 8 sweaters worth of yarn, holy crap! I could knit nothing but sweaters for a couple of years (at the rate I can manage with kid+job). If I get a few skeins for this Fiddlehead Yoked Sweater I’ve got a bee in my bonnet about, will y’all keep me honest about holding to knitting these other sweaters with the yarn I’ve already got before I get yarn for any other sweaters-for-me?


2 thoughts on “dreaming of yokes

  1. You live in the north and have family further north. and a kid. you’ll always have a reason for more sweaters ;). Oddly enough I’ve never made a sweater for myself or my own kids. Just other people’s kids!

  2. Buy it. If that’s what you want to make, get the Lopi and cast on tomorrow! I mean it. Not because you need to talk yourself into deserving a treat, but because that is what you want to make. Like you said, the yarn isn’t expensive. What you have already isn’t going to spoil!
    I have more than 8 sweaters’ worth of yarn in my stash and I don’t even feel guilty about it. ;)

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