mitten interlude


I’m still working on my Elle Melle (current ridge count: 15), but I’ve taken a little break the past 2 days for mittens! I’ll start with the still-in-progress ones:

Why yes, I am making the Vulcan salute - all the better to show off my in-progress mittens!

Yes, I know I’m an honest-to-goodness decade behind the times here, but I’ve always loved the Fiddlehead Mittens pattern, and I decided they’d be the perfect thing to make with the Bartlettyarns Worsted mini-skein set I picked up at Rhinebeck this past fall:

Never showed off my Rhinebeck purchase!

I’m using the 5 colors that are in “front” in that photo, along with a skein of icy blue Lettlopi as the Main Color:

Ok, so I'm like, a decade too late with these, but I'm pretty excited about my Fiddlehead Mittens-in-progress. Bartlettyarns (worsted) mini-skeins from Rhinebeck plus a skein of icy blue Lettlopi.

The Bartlettyarns is not exactly a *light* worsted, so these are knitting up pretty dense, but I like a good “bulletproof” mitten for Western NY winter – they’ve got to stand up to shoveling! And look, they stand up just fine ;)

Stands up on its own!

I’m not gonna lie, though – the i-cord cast on damned near broke me (and literally blistered my right index finger!), and I’m kind of dreading doing it again for mitten number 2. But these are gonna be so pretty!

I knit a whole other pair of mittens in the past 2 days, too – new red mittens for M, to match her hat!

I finished M's new mittens! (Knit one yesterday, one today!)
(Yes, Peg + Cat, both the show and the books, is a HUGE obsession in this house!)

I had knit her a replacement pair a few weeks ago, but in a bout of overconfidence, decided that I could just “estimate” her size based on her previous pair. I overestimated by more than a little bit, so this time around, I actually used my pattern (which I should really publish soon!), along with a tracing of her hand.

Re-knitting M's mittens; my "I'll just guess at measurements" version turned out way too big so I'm actually following my own pattern directions (fancy that!) this time. Oh, hey, I should publish the pattern (for the mittens and matching hat) soon, eh?

These new mittens are perfect – just a little roomy, which means there’s space for them to felt down a bit! Now she doesn’t have to wear her tiny old ones anymore!


Look how felted those old mittens had gotten! I expect these new ones will eventually look similar.


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