Rhinebeck 2016 (M’s FIFTH Rhinebeck!)

I edited this version to be a bit brighter - still learning how to get the right color balance/exposure/etc on the PEN camera.

As you probably already know if you’re a knitter on the Internet, this weekend was RHINEBECK! And since we live “only” about 5 hours away from the festival, and we really enjoy taking a little trip down to the Hudson River Valley region this time of year, we took our little family of three there for the 5th time. We actually went twice before M was born, too, but our last four Rhinebeck visits have been with M in tow. This year was the first year we went sans stroller (our stroller is pretty much kaput after several summers of walking 5k a day with an increasingly large child) or carrier (because M’s well over the 45lb weight limit on ours), and let’s just say that was…challenging.

We actually did our trip differently this year; we were able to leave in the morning (instead of mid-day) on Friday, and thus were able to do our beloved Walkway Over the Hudson visit on Friday evening. M insisted on being “twinsies” with me on Friday, and wore her (now almost too small) yoked kangaroo pocket vest that I knit for her a couple of years ago to match my Cobblestone sweater. Aren’t we cute?

I broke my PT's "no more M-carrying" rule to take our traditional photo on the Walkway. #latergram

I broke my Physical Therapist’s “no more M-carrying” rule to take that photo – it turns out that carrying a nearly 50lb kid around on my right hip all the time (because of my left sciatic nerve issues) was pulling my left shoulder blade way out of alignment and I was starting to have a lot of pain and numbness in my ulnar nerve, all the way down to my pinky. But I just couldn’t resist having one to match the one we took our very first year with M on the Walkway:

Walkway Over The Hudson

It was VERY windy on the Walkway (it always is, and I always forget!), so most of our photos are pretty windblown.

Me and my girl on the Walkway #latergram

She got time with Daddy, too, sometimes walking hand-in-hand:

My loves. #latergram

And sometimes riding on his back, which gave her a great view of the beautiful Hudson River:

Looking out over the Hudson with daddy. #latergram

She insisted on wearing her hat and mitten set from last year. Or was it the year before that? In any case, they’ve gotten too small, but that didn’t stop her – and of course she had to clip in the kitty ears (which to my eye, look more like sheep ears), too. What a cutie!

Maddy-Kitty on the Walkway Over The Hudson.

The next day was the Sheep and Wool festival. Madrigal has been excited about this for the past several months – she remembers last year’s, and was very gung-ho about seeing llamas in particular, but all of the fiber animals.

We're here!

We also decided to give her a small allowance this year (because she’s become rather acquisitive, and we hoped to avoid too much of the “wanties” by giving her power with limits on her purchasing). She decided that she wanted a sheep stuffed animal to bring home, and she found the very best, softest one at the Bartlettyarns booth (where I also picked up a sampler of worsted weight yarns, which somehow went unphotographed). She actually remembered from last year that Bartlettyarns was my favorite booth! Here she’s posing with “Baba” (the name she gave her lamb) on her head on the benches on the hill:

Maddy's showing off "Baba the lamb", which she purchased with her allowance money at the Bartlettyarns booth.

It was tough to get those bench photos this year – it felt a lot more crowded than past years, and M was kind of on another planet in terms of paying attention to the fact that daddy was trying to take pictures. She wore her red striped pocket sweater to the festival (the sleeves have already gotten too short on it because she is growing like a weed!), and I wore my Little Wave cardigan (which will get its own post soon).

We of course had to spend some time listening to the always-present pan flute band, which M loves (though I’m mostly posting THIS photo so that you can see how lovely the set-in sleeves look on M’s sweater, ha!)…

Wool loving girl, listening to pan flutes with daddy :) #latergram

This kid loves pan flute music!

This kid loves pan flute music. Also, her eyes are so brown and beautiful! Would've never guessed I'd have a brown-eyed girl. #latergram

See what I mean about those ears looking like sheep-ears? She kinda matched this one she watched getting shorn:

Watching a sheep get shorn. She kinda had matching ears to this one! #latergram

We ended our festival time with a visit to the balloon man, who made M an alien hat:

My little weirdo with her alien balloon hat. #latergram

Then it was back in the car to drive home – we only stayed one night this time, which made it quite a whirlwind trip, but I think it was more manageable this way (and certainly cheaper, because holy moly do the hotels in the area jack up rates for this weekend!). On the way home, I cast on for a new red hat for M:

Starting a new hat for M on the way home.

Because we were driving straight into the sunset for most of the way home, I didn’t make a ton of progress in the car, but I’ve now finished the increases, so she’ll definitely have a better-fitting hat come wintertime.

So that was Rhinebeck, 2016. I didn’t get to see as many people as in previous years (and even when I saw people, I barely got to talk to them, because M-chasing), and I’m not 100% sure we’ll continue doing this every year. It was pretty trying this year, but I’m hoping that perhaps we were at peak difficulty, with it being M’s first year without a stroller or carrier.

My university is currently on Fall Break (Monday and Tuesday), which means I’m catching up on work, mostly, but also trying to get a little bit of restorative time in, because holy moly, it’s been a rough fall.


One thought on “Rhinebeck 2016 (M’s FIFTH Rhinebeck!)

  1. I’m so glad you could make the trip, even with a challenging kid in tow. I know Rhinebeck looks like a hot mess of crowds and over stimulation, but it still looks like fun. And the pictures are great, wind and all!

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