things i knit for other people’s babies: hats!

Oh, Koigu, you are so squishy and speckly and wonderful.

I’ve reached the age and stage of my life where many of my friends are having babies, and I like to be able to welcome those babies to the world with a handknit gift if I can. The Cossett pattern has been a really useful one for this purpose – a basic 2×2 rib hat is pretty easy to knit, even while I’m walking home from campus:

Knitting while I walk home from the bus stop.

I got 2 skeins of a gorgeous green speckly Koigu KPPPM, which looked to me to be both slightly autumnal (the babies in question are fall babies) and gender-neutral (also appropriate for the babies in question!). It’s enough yarn to knit three hats, though at this point I’ve “only” knit two:

I knit a pair of baby hats :)

They look so tiny, but the 2×2 rib is amazingly stretchy, as I’m demonstrating here (along with a totally goofy face, because that’s how I roll!):

Demonstrating the stretchiness of 2x2 rib (and the goofiness of my face!)

One of these hats has already made its way to the intended recipient, who is expected to make an entry into the world sometime very soon! The other will go to another friend’s baby whose arrival is slightly less imminent. And then there are several babyStripes! sweaters (one of which is nearly finished, but has had no photos taken of it yet) for babies arriving in November. And a bigger one for my own “baby”, who is getting impatient that mama is knitting for children who are not her. I…may have bitten off slightly more than I can chew on the “knit wee baby things for people I love who are having babies” front, but hopefully not!

The semester has started and OH BOY I AM BUSY. Turns out teaching 4 classes in one semester doesn’t leave you a lot of time for, oh, anything else, but I’m hoping I’ll adapt and feel slightly less TOTALLY FRAZZLED ALL THE TIME than I’m currently feeling. I’ll close this post with a bit of “knitting” I discovered on my walk into campus one day last week:

These tire tread marks look just like stockinette stitches!

Don’t those tire treads look just like stockinette stitch? Happy September, everybody!


One thought on “things i knit for other people’s babies: hats!

  1. Ribbed baby hats are the best. My latest nephew outgrew all the non-ribbed hats I made for him almost instantly (and they weren’t *that* small — the kid just had a truly massive head), so I made him a fully ribbed one. I could get it onto my own head, so he might even still be able to wear it this winter (he’ll be turning 2 in January).

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