goodbye, May! #mayreboot

Well, May is done and so it’s time to check in with the goals I had for my “reboot”. Here they are, with my commentary:

1. Exercise (more and better) I can’t give myself a particularly high score here, but I do think I’ve made progress. Just having this as a goal in my mind has, for example, encouraged me to take the stairs more often at work (I used to avoid them because the stairwell is super smelly, and it still is smelly, but I do like the way I feel after I’ve walked up 3 flights of stairs). I’ve gone on lots of long walks (a favorite is to walk from my house to the Cobbs Hill reservoir, then around it, then home), though there have also been plenty of days where, for whatever reason, I’ve been totally sedentary.

Took a walk around Cobbs Hill and my neighborhood as a grading break. So grateful for the beautiful weather today!

Some of this I couldn’t do a thing about (e.g. the days I was stuck in the car on our drive to and from Ohio), but some, I could’ve. And on that front, we’ve decided to join the Y, which I’m hoping will make it easier for me to get exercise even on days where circumstances conspire against me, since the local branch is less than a mile from our house. I’m dropping my membership at the campus gym (the pool hours are just stupid awful there, and when I’m trying to exercise during my time at work, it means I’m bringing work home, and I’d rather “bring home” exercise than work) so that I’m not double-paying for gym/pool access, and belonging to the Y makes sense because it will save us money on swim lessons for M. So…progress. Hoping to keep improving throughout June.

2. Eat better Well, this certainly wasn’t the case during our trip to OH, during which every single meal was eaten out – my guts still haven’t really recovered from eating that way! But I have discovered a new salad dressing from Wegmans that I really like (“Spicy Citrus Ginger” or something like that) and have brought salads back into my diet, and that’s something. Again, hoping to keep improving throughout June.

Mmmm, salad. #mayreboot

3. Sleep better Oh my goodness have I ever NOT made progress on this one. Summer is kind of brutal for both M and me on the sleep front, because daylight hours overlap with the hours we’d like to be sleeping, and it just messes us up because we are both intensely daylight-sensitive. Add to this a messed up neck/shoulder, and I’ve been a disaster on the sleep front this month. I’ll try again in June.

4. Make things Yes! I cast on for a Little Wave cardigan for me, and I’m just about done with the second sleeve, so soon I’ll have a new cardigan! (You know, just in time for it be in the 80s every day).

The best thing about her being able to get and keep herself going on the swings? I can knit instead of pushing!

I’ve unearthed some of my other craft supplies (embroidery stuff, and watercolors, though I need paper), but have not yet made any other projects a reality, but I’m really happy to be knitting a sweater for me again…it’s the first time I’ve done this since just after M was born! In June, I hope to do some watercolor and embroidery, too. I’d also really like to get my sewing machine fixed up so that I can sew a Dress No. 1.

5. Make music Here, I can give myself all the gold stars! I’ve been playing my violin nearly every day (mostly Bach solo stuff), and succeeding at connecting with people for music-making; a friend of mine at church is a fellow violinist, and we will be getting together this summer to play the Bach double together and I’m very excited about it! I’ll also be playing in the orchestra this Sunday at my church’s special choir service. I’ve not played in an orchestra since I was 8 months pregnant with M, and I can’t wait! I definitely want to keep this going through June.

I got to play for over an hour today! I'm a happy lady :)

6. Clean up Hahahahahaha. Total fail, here. I…still don’t even know where to start. And our yard is in worse shape than I thought at the beginning of May, and it all kind of makes me feel hopeless. I’m definitely open to any and all advice as concerns decluttering and cleaning a house, and managing a yard that is overgrown with highly invasive, virtually unkillable weeds.

7. Be a good friend I’m not sure I can really judge this one, but I have definitely aimed to be mindful about maintaining the friendships that I have.

8. Read good stuff I’m doing great here. I recently read a collection of short stories by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, who is possibly my very favorite author at the moment. This followed Octavia Butler’s “Lilith’s Brood”, which was AMAZING! And I also read Naomi Novik’s “Uprooted”, which I ended up liking quite a bit, though it took awhile to grow on me. You can follow me on Goodreads if you want! I’m not always great about writing reviews of the things I read but I’m pretty good about logging them, at least.

9. Write I actually just wrote a long piece of reflective writing yesterday, which I posted on Medium because it didn’t feel right to post it on my knitting blog. You can find it here. I was a little scared to post it in a public place like Medium – not that my knitting blog *isn’t* public, but I feel like I have a sense of who is reading this thing, at least. But hey, it’s out there now.

10. Be patient and present with M Oh boy. Some days this has been great, and others, less so. It doesn’t help that I’m reflecting on this right after traveling with her, when travel does not turn either M or me into our best selves. But I think I’m actually doing pretty well here.

I'm so glad I get to be this kid's mama!

So that wraps things up for the #mayreboot check-in. Overall, I wouldn’t give myself a particular high “score” on my progress, but I’m glad to have had these goals in mind, and I think it has been helping me to shift my focus and priorities a bit. So I’ll hang on to them through June and see where it takes me.

4 thoughts on “goodbye, May! #mayreboot”

  1. Be kind to yourself. You gave yourself a LOT of things to work on in May, all of which look to be rather physically and/or emotionally draining. Feel good about what you have accomplished, and remember that all of these are constant works in progress! I hope the sleep thing goes better in particular. That makes such a difference :)

  2. I went over and read your excellent thoughts on parenting and control and judgement. I really agree with you on the damage we do to parents, mothers in particular, by judging them from afar when accidents happen and we don’t know why or who to blame. We really don’t have control over our children, just influence.

    When it comes to that particular incident at the zoo, though, I do wonder what was amiss. For a child to climb that easily into an enclosure that was built to separate a large animal from humans, either the adults in charge were truly not paying enough attention, or the enclosure itself was far too easy to climb into (or both). Not being there I obviously don’t know which was the greater contributing factor. That was a freak accident, to be sure, but it was likely preventable. The same could be said of people who leave loaded guns in their homes and assume that kids can’t find them.

    1. I do also wonder about the incident in Cincinnati, though from everything I’ve been able to read about it, it seems like it was basically just a tragic accident; it does strike me that if a 4 year old can sneak through a barrier in just a very brief moment (which from all accounts is what happened), then there’s something seriously wrong with that barrier. But gosh, it scares me, because I have a strong-willed, lacking-in-impulse-control fearless climber of my own and I just want to hold never let go of her, but I know that’s not possible (or even a good thing, in the long run). Oh, parenting.

  3. Re: sleep. Have you checked out ASMR videos on YouTube? If you haven’t…a lot of the videos are really weird, but I do have to admit that lots of them put me to sleep.

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