things i make for maddy: Red Stripe Pocket Pullover!

Finished sweater alert!

Should've made the sleeves a bit longer, too!

Last weekend, I wove in the ends on M’s new Red Stripe Pullover (with Pockets!), and had planned to block it immediately, but SOMEONE was so excited about her new sweater that she put it on immediately…

We're making a white pizza for M's sake this week (she's very opposed to tomato sauce, but we're very opposed to not having Homemade Pizza Saturdays.)
Showing off her new sweater while helping out on Pizza Saturday

…and proceeded to wear it for the next 5 straight days, including Monday, when she came along with me to Knitting Guild, to show off her new knitting skills to my table full of friends!

Maddy came to Knitting Guild with me! She showed off her knitting skills to my friends, and was very patient waiting her turn for "show and tell" in front of the whole guild (we showed off her new sweater!) It's so neat to share these special parts of my

She also came up to the front with me to show off her new sweater during “Show and Tell”, which was very fun. That’s actually what prompted her to ask if she could come with me – I mentioned wanting to show off her sweater during “Show and Tell”, and this kid is SO excited about “Show and Tell” at her school that she couldn’t bear the thought of missing a “Show and Tell”, so she said she’d help me. We weren’t able to stay for very long (because Guild goes past her bedtime), and I didn’t actually get to knit at all, but it was so wonderful to share this special part of my life with her!


I’m so pleased with how it turned out, though if I knit another (which I might, because I do kinda want to write a pattern for this, and some parts were sort of “fly by the seat of my pantsish” for this prototype version), there are a few things I’d change…I didn’t quite get the shoulder width right, and I think the armholes should’ve been one “stripe-repeat” longer for a somewhat roomier fit to match the roomy fit I was aiming for (and achieved) in the body. I’d probably make the split hem (see below) even longer in back. I also did not make the pockets big enough, as M demonstrates below:

Abusing her pockets (which I should've made bigger!)

But hey, for a prototype, it’s pretty great, and I kinda want to make one for myself, though I’m undecided as to whether I’d make a me-sized version in Sport Weight or if I’d go up to Worsted Weight to get a similar “scale” to the stitches relative to my size. Here are some detail shots…

Set-in sleeve detail.
Set-in sleeve, seamlessly knit from top-down following Elizabeth Doherty’s approach

Hem detail.
Split garter stitch hem with contrast-color i-cord edging; longer in back than front

Similar detailing at the cuffs – dark red garter cuffs with pink i-cord edging

Neckline detail.
Neckline detail: garter stitch, with short-rows, and a contrast tubular bind-off

I’m most proud of that last detail, because I struggling to figure out a way to mirror the contrasting i-cord edges that I’d used at the cuffs and hem, but knew I couldn’t just use i-cord (because pullover collars need to be stretchy!). I decided, once I’d finished the dark red garter, to join the light pink and set up a 1×1 rib tubular bind-off, and it worked beautifully! A nice contrast edge, but with all the stretch M could ever need.

Beautiful girl in her new sweater.

I’m a lucky mama knitter to have a kid who is so enthusiastic about wearing all the woolen goodies I make for her!

Ravelry Project Page
Pattern: created in collaboration with M, though I used Elizabeth’s Doherty’s “Top Down” book for technique advice
Yarn: Beaverslide Dry Goods 2-ply Sport/Sock, less than 1 skein each in “Winter Rosehip” and “Hollyhock Heather”
Needles: size 4 (circulars and DPNs)
Time to Knit: a little over a month

3 thoughts on “things i make for maddy: Red Stripe Pocket Pullover!”

  1. Oh, I love this. After all that work I’m glad the sweater has been worn with such enthusiasm, too :) Though I admit my favorite picture is probably the one where she’s stretching out those pockets lol

    Since it’s top down you could lengthen the sleeves if needed, right?

    My kids love the things I make them. My son is ten and he treasures his handmade clothes, even if he doesn’t wear them much. Example: I just finished a PJ top in thermal knit but he says it’s way too warm to actually wear. I should have known (eyeroll)

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