Rhinebeck 2015

She's teaching me how to dance like she does :)

It’s hard to believe that this was M’s FOURTH time coming with us to Rhinebeck, but it was! Oh, how she’s grown…from this:

madrigal: 47 weeks

to this:

Madrigal and her Monster

to this:

somebody didn't want to cooperate

to that dancin’ fool in the photo at the top of this post! While it is not very easy to “do Rhinebeck” with an often sleep-deprived and therefore grouchy (because hotel sleeps = hard!) kiddo in tow, I am so, so glad that I get to share this part of my life with my daughter.

Poor sleepy baby!

I don’t think I could ask for a more wool-loving child…

Happy kiddo with her pan flute.

…who sported no fewer than 5 different handknit items from mama (her hat and mittens, her cowl, and her new sweater and blanket, both of which I finished on the drive down from Rochester!) at Rhinebeck, where, just like last year, my girl was ROCKIN’ OUT to that pan-flute band! She was so, so happy to get her very own pan flute!

Maddy gets a pan-flute of her very own

She loved getting to frolic in the leaves under the “made-famous-by-the-internet” trees at the base of the hill at the festival.

Picking up leaves.

She’s her mama’s daughter, and LOVES fall, and picking up every pretty maple leaf she sees:

Showing off her leaves.

And sometimes she even gives them to me :)

My new Ravelry button, with a leaf from M.

We took advantage of those lovely benches on the hill to take FO photos of TWO new projects, both of which are for M and both of which I’d finished on the 5 hour drive down to Rhinebeck (the drive, by the way, is insanely gorgeous this time of year!). Here’s a closeup of the octopus buttons (picked out by M), which I sewed onto her cardigan in the car:

Octopus button closeup.

And the whole sweater, for good measure:

Showing off for the camera :) #rhinebeck2015 #latergram

I’m working on the pattern (for both the kid and grown-up versions) for that cardigan, and hope to send it off to test-knitters SOON! (I’m also finalizing the pattern for her hat & mitten set, and that also should be coming soon!). M loved being able to wear matching sweaters again – but as she noted, we weren’t TRULY matching, because I hadn’t knit her a rainbow shawl of her very own yet ;)

It was a bit too blustery to manage taking photos of the Mitered Crosses blanket all by myself:

A bit blustery for blanket photos!

But thankfully I had a helper, in the form of the blanket’s grateful recipient:

Much easier to show off the blanket with an assistant! M is pretty stoked about her blanket!

I didn’t do much shopping at Rhinebeck – that’s never really why I go, but it is especially hard when I have M with me, because staying too long in one place (unless it’s in front of the pan-flute band!) tends to trigger a meltdown. My one yarn purchase this year was a pair of Bartlettyarns Swirls packs, one in blues for me and one in purples for M. I didn’t take pictures of them (I’ll take some later), but I do have plans for them! Alas, that purchase resulted in a mega-meltdown outside Building B. My only other purchases were the pan-flute for M, and a t-shirt for her, too (I adored the design for this year, and next year’s looks neat, too). I think that some amount of shopping will be easier next year, when she is a little more mature and not using the stroller anymore (at least, I hope not – that poor thing is really wearing out from all the miles we’ve put on it!).

But what I really go to Rhinebeck for isn’t the shopping – it’s the people. I was so, so happy to get to meet up with my dear friend Mick!

Me and Mick! We've been blog buddies FOREVER (ok, since 2006, but that's almost the same thing!) but Saturday was the first time we've been able to meet up in person. I love this lady!

We’ve been blog-buddies FOREVER (ok, since 2006, but that’s almost the same thing!), and in her, I’ve found such a wonderful kindred spirit. These days, we probably chat more about teaching writing than about knitting! I’m just so glad to have Mick in my life. Our Rhinebeck hug was YEARS in the making! I saw so many other wonderful friends at Rhinebeck (though neglected to document any of those meetups with photos), and missed running into just as many…it’s hard to do meet-ups with the kiddo!

We end our Rhinebeck trip each year with a visit to the Walkway Over the Hudson…the view is just AMAZING!

Looking up the Hudson.

M wasn’t incredibly cooperative about taking pictures on the Walkway this year…

Someone (well, OK, three someones) didn't get enough sleep on this trip and needed LOTS of snuggles.

…so we didn’t really get to recreate the “mama holding M on the Walkway” shots of previous years; this is the best we got!

At least one of us is smiling at the camera!

At least one of us was smiling for the camera! Goodbye, Hudson River Valley – it’s a privilege to get to visit each year!

Saying goodbye to the Hudson River Valley.

I’ll be writing a guest post this week on Knittin’ Little about Rhinebeck with littles, and will have more photos of some of the kid-specific stuff we did while at the festival, so be on the lookout for that!

3 thoughts on “Rhinebeck 2015”

  1. I’m so glad I got to see you! Again! <3 Also, those octopus buttons are perfect, as is that blanket! Love everything! Gah! :)

  2. Everything in this post is so lovely!

    Today I took H to pick out buttons for her newest sweater, and she chose the same octopi! Great tiny minds think alike. I thought they looked familiar so I had to come check. ;)

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