199 weeks with M


This morning, M told me she’d do something (I don’t remember what, at this point) in “199 weeks”. I noted to her that 199 weeks was almost 4 whole years – and then realized that M, also, is almost 4 whole years old. I was curious, so I checked the calendar, and she is actually 199 weeks old THIS WEEK! I stopped keeping track of how many weeks old she was when she turned one, so I’m glad she randomly mentioned 199 weeks today because I think it’s a pretty nifty milestone!

Wearing our woolens in the garden after church. Such a lovely cool morning!
In the garden after church this past weekend

I’m so glad that M came into my life 199 weeks ago, even though I’d say the first half of those 199 weeks included some of the darkest days of my life. But. But. The person I’ve grown into, and the relationship I’ve developed with her – those have been the gifts of these 199 weeks of life as parent, these weeks that would be basically unrecognizable as “my life” to the person I was before M was born. And now I can’t imagine life any other way.

I scrolled through Flickr today, inspired by this arbitrary milestone, and laughed at how many pictures I’ve taken of just me and my girl. Child of mine, you bring me so much joy. (And pain and stress and sleep-deprivation, but let’s focus on the joy! Indulge me as I post a million photos, dear Readers.)

"Mama, take a picture of us looking silly together!"  Ok, kiddo!
Giggling on the couch

It's always windy up at the lake.
Windswept at the beach

Huddled up together.
Under your umbrella, ella, ella…

All dolled up.
Dolled up at a wedding

She likes to lay on my back on the bed. She calls it "playing alligator" for some reason :)
Flying on the bed

Getting snuggled :)
You give such great snuggles!

Me and my girl (finally got commencement-day photos off the DSLR)
You and my dissertation grew up together, kiddo!

Yeah, we're weirdos.
I love how wacky you are!

Us, after finishing the "fun run" (M's school had a 5k race today, which A ran, followed by a 1/4mile fun run, which M and I ran, holding hands)
And I love how much you love the things I knit for you

Me and my girl. I love this kid so much.
You can be so unbelievably sweet

Tired ladies.
We’ve been sick together so many times in these 199 weeks

Maddy and mama
And you’ve had so many rides on my back…

2013: Day 31 - a ride on mama's back
…not all of them in the carrier!

Oh, my little MaddySMASH…

Walkway Over The Hudson
You’ve been a wonderful Rhinebeck companion these last 3 years

this kid.
I love you so much

Nose to nose
So very very much

Me and my girl
I remember when your daddy took this photo – as I snuggled you, I felt the first truly intense wave of love for you wash over me, 8 weeks after you were born

Maddy and me in our matching sweaters
We’ve had matching sweaters from the very beginning

Madrigal Alice Harrison Watts, 7lbs 6.8oz, born 10:26am. We are in love!
Where it all began
(though I have no memory of this picture being taken, I’ll always treasure it.)

199 weeks in the books!


4 thoughts on “199 weeks with M

  1. girliefriend

    So very, very precious. I don’t know your story, as I found you from a google search for winding yarn (I know!), but you touched me.

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