Now that I’m back to a regular teaching schedule and M is back to all sorts of activities, I’ve rediscovered my love of small, mindless projects – things I can knit wherever I am, whether it’s sitting at the pool during a swim lesson…

Pike swim lessons - I don't have to be in the water with her anymore and that's pretty awesome!

…waiting for the service to begin at my UU church…

Knitting before the service at my UU church, wearing a shawl because it's SO COLD today!

…walking home from the bus after a long day on campus…

Knitting while walking home from the bus. 2x2 rib is perfect for mindless knitting to keep my hands busy!

…or watching an episode of Portlandia with my husband before bedtime.

8:30pm - knitting and Portlandia before bed. #adayinthelifephotochallenge

This 2×2 rib tube has kept my hands busy for the past week.

A tube! This has kept my hands busy for the past week or so. Leftover yarn from M's very first hat.

It’s going to be a hat, eventually. I’m using the yarn from the very first hat I ever knit for M, back when she was only known as “the munchkin”:

hat for the munchkin

Indulge me, but I’ve got to include the picture of her wearing it after here 2 week well baby visit:

Coming home from the pediatrician

Awww. Anyway, a few weeks ago, I was looking at those old photos with M, and mentioned to her that I might have enough leftover yarn to make her a hat that would fit her now. She seemed interested, so I cast on (164sts on size 2 needles using Twisted German Cast-On, for anyone who’s interested in details), and knit away, but as the tube grew longer, I grew more worried that the hat was going to be too small – it’s amazing how much 2×2 rib contracts! So, I tried it on my own head:

I'm knitting this for M. Or at least, I meant for it to be hers. But gosh, it fits me, too, and I kinda want to steal it! #badmama

Well, no need to worry – if I can get it on my noggin, it’ll fit hers. But…gosh, now that I’ve tried it on, I want to keep it for myself! It goes so nicely with my blue-green eyes, after all…

It matches my eyes, after all! (M's are chocolate brown). We'll see.

…so, we’ll see. If I do end up stealing my own child’s hat (bad mama!), worry not, there are more hats on the way for her! I recently ordered some more Chroma from Knitpicks (for making more Stripes! cardigans), and while I was at it, threw in a skein of Hawthorne sock yarn in the bright magenta color that M had squealed over when we were looking at the Knitpicks catalog. So my plan is to give that skein to her with her Fall Equinox gifts, and ask her if she’d prefer a hat in that color. I’m pretty sure I’ll get my way with this one :)

And beyond the 2×2 rib hats, I’ve also been plotting a Foxy hat for M. There’s just one problem…

All those teeny balls used to be a single skein of Malabrigo. Then Ren got ahold of it and snuggled it, with teeth. I salvaged what I could and hope it'll still work for a Foxy hat for M!

All those tiny balls used to be a single skein of Malabrigo worsted in “Natural”. Then Ren got ahold of it and snuggled it, with teeth. And, well, I salvaged what I could. I always boggle at folks who have cats and can leave yarn/projects in open baskets or on shelves…not with this cat! I swear, Ren is a wool-seeking missile. And not just for yarn, but for projects, too – unless I get cabinets with glass doors, I will *always* have to hide away all of my knits when I’m not wearing them. Sad! But anyway, I think that despite the damage, I can get a nice-looking Foxy hat out of this:

Future Foxy Hat for M

And all this talk of hats reminds me that I have an almost-ready-to-release pattern/tutorial for the hat (and matching mittens) I knit for M (and for all of her cousins) last year:

a girl and her leaf.

Just gotta look over it and maybe pester my test-knitters for a little more feedback and then I think it’ll be ready to go, in time for last-minute Rhinebeck knitting, even!


2 thoughts on “hats!

  1. I am sooooo thankful that, although my cat occasionally expresses some interest in my yarn with a tentative bat at it, a “Maaax” will generally get him to back off and behave himself. One of my parents’ cats, on the other hand, needs to be closely monitored while engaging in any sort of fibery pursuit. I wouldn’t even think of busting out the spindle over at their place. It’s a good thing that one’s cute.

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